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Quick Update – NWW LIVE! at 9:30pm on 10/30 (Tonight!)

October 30, 2016

Hi all! We just wanted to let you know we’re going to be just a few minutes late starting our live show this evening, but you can join us for our Mixlr Broadcast tonight (10/30) at 9:30pm EST. You can listen via our Mixrl page or the Mixlr app. If you have a ghost story to share, just make sure you add our Skype name to your contacts (“compassandkey”). Let us know you have a story to tell and we’ll bring you on!

Talk to you soon!


Quick Update – Live Broadcast on 10/30/16

October 24, 2016
By Dennis Hill from The OC, So. Cal. (via Wikimedia Commons)

By Dennis Hill from The OC, So. Cal. (via Wikimedia Commons)


Hello everyone!

We have another live broadcast coming up, and we’d love for YOU to be a part of it!

We’ll be doing our live broadcast on Sunday evening (October 30th), and we’ll be starting around 9pm or so Central Time. The theme this time around is “Ghost Stories.” Share your personal ghostly encounters and spooky goings-on with us via chat, email, or even call in! We will be talking to both Patreon supporters and all other listeners for this one, so don’t be shy!

Make sure you go to our Mixlr site page to listen and chat with us. You can download the Mixlr app on your phone or tablet, too, if that’s easier for you.

If the whole thing goes according to plan, we’ll also try to release the conversation and stories as a podcast, too.

Looking forward to talking to you all soon!

Best witches 😉

-Cory & Laine

Quick Announcement – Live Broadcast of NWW on 6/26/16

June 19, 2016
By Dennis Hill from The OC, So. Cal. (via Wikimedia Commons)

By Dennis Hill from The OC, So. Cal. (via Wikimedia Commons)

Hello everyone!

I have an announcement or two that I thought you might need to know.

Firstly, we’ll be doing our live broadcast next Sunday evening (June 26th), and I believe we’ll be starting around 9pm or so Central Time (we’ll try to firm that up for you in the next couple of days via social media). We will be fielding live questions from our Patreon supporters over the phone, and we’ll also have a live chat running for all listeners as well.

We originally said we were doing this live chat via Periscope, but we’ve run into some issues with that platform and so we’re switching to a service called Mixlr. The upshot to that service is that you will be able to listen live via Facebook or Twitter instead of having a specific app on your phone or tablet. You can also use our Mixlr site page to listen and chat with us. Sorry for the change-up, but hopefully this just means listening and participating will be easier for you. We’ll also be using the recorded version of the live broadcast/chat as a Patreon-only podcast episode, which will be released after the actual live discussion.

Also, it’s worth noting that since we’ve passed our second milestone goal on Patreon (THANK YOU!), we needed to put up some new goals. We’ve done that now, and you’ll see two new milestone levels: The Devil’s Book ($1000/mo.) and The Witch’s Bridle ($3000/mo.). Each will allow us to do some new things for the show, and also will unlock some interesting rewards for you as well. Head on over to our Patreon page to check it out, and spread the word about us if you can and it will help us get there faster.

Looking forward to talking to you all soon!

Best witches 😉

-Cory & Laine

Quick Update – Contest Announcement for Spring 2016

February 16, 2016

Hi everyone!

It’s been a while since we’ve done a contest, so let’s do one now! We mentioned it in our first February episode, but this post will give you all the nitty-gritty details. Basically, we want to do a second round of our Audio Spellbook, so all you have to do is send us the sound of *you* describing your favorite spell which uses everyday ingredients (things you could find in a spice cabinet, grocery store, or backyard, for example). You can check out Episode 88 – Everyday Magic or any of these posts to get an idea of what we mean:

How to Enter

You can either record your spell and email it to us (in .mp3 or .wav format, please) at or call us and leave us a voice mail on our official NWW hotline: (442) 999-4824 (that’s 442-99-WITCH, if it helps). You can also get extra entries (one each) by sharing either our Patreon page or this Contest Announcement via your favorite social media (make sure to tag us or get a screen capture you can email to us). Make sure we have your email address so we can contact you if you win. Also, please let us know what name you want us to use when sharing your audio spell (and announcing your name if you win).

2016 New World Witchery Annual Mailer package

2016 New World Witchery Annual Mailer package


What will you be entered to get? We’re giving away one of our New World Witchery Annual Mailers, the same one we sent out to this year’s Patreon patrons, which includes:

  • A brand-new, highly exclusive New World Witchery t-shirt
  • A handmade bottle of magical condition oil or mojo bag
  • A pair of quite fancy coasters upon which you can rest beverages of choice while listening to your favorite podcasts

I may throw in another item or two, as well. The picture above gives you a pretty good idea what it looks like. In addition to the mailer, I’m also throwing in a couple of books from previous, current, and future guests:

Pretty sweet, right? So get your entries in as soon as you can! Our deadline is Walpurgisnacht, April 30th, 2016 by midnight Eastern Standard Time.

We’re looking forward to seeing what you share! Thanks to all of our readers and listeners for all you do for us.


Update – Aidan Wachter’s Talismanic Jewelry

December 4, 2015

Talismanic Jewelry by Aidan Wachter (Photo from

If you haven’t seen Aidan Wachter Talismanic Jeweler‘s magnificent Pagan- and magical-themed creations in silver (, you should absolutely look at what he’s got to offer. The jewelry is hand-made in his workshop, and he’s constantly working on new designs from a variety of magical sources, including angelic work, grimoires, folk magic, and runestaves. He also does work to empower and enchant his creations, which is right up our alley.

He’s even offered a special sale (his first ever!!!) to our supporters and listeners. Simply use the code “Witchery” (without the quotation marks) when you check out at his site and get 10% off of your order. Do be aware that since this is work of a highly personalized nature he is currently turning orders around to ship in about 8 weeks.

A big Thank You to Aidan for making this available to our listeners!

Poll – The Next Patreon Goal Level

December 1, 2015

We are fast approaching our next Patreon goal, which means we need to figure out what the next round of rewards should be after we hit the $500/mo. donation level. If you are interested, please take the poll above and let us know what you think would be a worthwhile incentive (or incentives) for hitting the (almost unbelievable, but thanks to you achievable) goal of $1,000/mo.

As always, thank you all for your amazing support!

Quick Update – New World Witchery, Patreon, and You!

October 30, 2015


Dear Readers, Listeners, Fans, & Friends.

Five years ago, we started New World Witchery as a “search for American Traditional Witchcraft.” Since then, we’ve produced more than one hundred episodes (the official count is eighty-one as of today, but including Special Episodes, one-offs, and various other entries into our feed, we’re closer to one hundred and twenty releases). We’ve got a site with nearly two hundred entries covering a dozen different branches of American folk magic, holidays, spell ingredients, book recommendations and reviews, and lots of other points of interest for fans of all things New World and witchy. More than anything, though, we’ve got you. Our fans have been the driving force behind our work, helping to guide the subjects we cover, providing folklore and personal connections to the magical stories we tell here, and even sending us love and good energy when we’ve had personal crises. Thank you all for what you’ve done.

If you’ve listened to our latest episode, you know we’re asking for your help again. For the past five years we’ve essentially run on the “tip jar” model, leaving a link up for those who want to donate to the show on the sidebar of the site, and offering a “pay-what-you-want/donations-only” email card reading service for those who wanted to help keep the show going strong. Time has meant change, though, and now we’re trying to figure out how to level up New World Witchery to make it even better. Paying for everything from the web hosting to access to research materials and technology to improve the production value of the show (and hopefully help get rid of some of the hiccups we’ve had with shows disappearing from our feed from time to time)—all of that means we need help. Sure, we can cast some prosperity spells, but it’s crucial to make sure to follow through in the mundane even if we’ve got magic on our side, right?

With that being said, we’d like to introduce you to Patreon. It’s a site that lets you—our fans—become the direct supporters of the show in a very real way. We’ve had occasional opportunities to consider bringing sponsors on, but given our size and our audience, that just didn’t seem like the way to go, because we know that not everyone who comes to our site is looking for direct-shipped health snacks or comfy underpants (well, everyone is looking for comfy undies, but that’s not our realm of expertise). What most people seem to be interested in, though, is more content from us. With Patreon, you get that. You support us directly, and we return that support as rewards directly to you. You can find all the details of our Patreon support levels and rewards at the main Patreon site, but just to give you an idea of what is available, here’s a short list:

  • Individuals giving $5 per month get a signed copy of 54 Devils and an annual mailer pack with lots of New World Witchery goodies inside (including things like postcards and—if we get enough support—even tee shirts!)
  • Individuals giving $10 per month get the same things as $5 subscribers plus access to live chat sessions (which will also be shared with those subscribers as a special bonus podcast)
  • When we reach $250 per month in total support, we’ll add extra live chat sessions and unlock things like the annual mailer tees and digital releases of future books from Cory and/or Laine
  • If we get to $500 per month in total support, we’ll even launch a second publically available podcast focused on storytelling and folklore!

See? Lots of possibilities! And we know that not everyone can support us financially, but may still want to help. If that’s you, we totally understand! Consider sharing links to our show or our Patreon page on social media or giving us a good review on iTunes! Or even just sending us an email and letting us know you like the show, that works, too!

No matter what, we’ll keep producing the main New World Witchery show and making it available to anyone who wants it. We’ve been able to keep up essentially a once-a-month schedule throughout most of our time online, and we want to maintain that going forward. And don’t worry, we won’t make a big deal out of the Patreon thing going forward–just a sentence or two at the end of each episode. As I said at the beginning of the post, we’ve been searching for American witchcraft for half a decade now. There’s still so much left to explore. We’re not anywhere near done. With your help, we can do so much more, but no matter what, we will keep up with that exploration and sharing it with you.

Thank you for getting us this far. We love you all, and can’t wait to see what comes next!

Thanks for…well, everything!


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