Card Readings by Cory

If you’re interested in getting a card reading from Cory, this is the spot. At the moment, card readings are by email-only due to time constraints. For right now, I’m doing this on a donations-only basis, so as long as you’re willing to donate something to the site (using the PayPal button located in our main page side bar, or you can do it here, too), I’ll read for you. Ideally, I’d love to get at least $5.00 for it, but hey, a buck’s a buck, and if all you can afford is $1.00, that’ll do. Please do note that as I have a very packed schedule, I may be a bit slow to respond sometimes. I try to get to all questions and readings as fast as I can, but please be patient with me.

Here’s how the card-reading works:

1) You email me your question (subject: “Card Reading”) and make your donation (in whichever order you prefer—please make sure to include your real name and astrological sign so I can get a lock on reading for you).
2) I will do a two-card split reading and an extended five-card reading, recording the cards drawn.
3) I will write an approximately 1-page report for you on the reading and send it back to you.
4) You can ask one follow-up question as well, which I will pull 1-3 cards for. I’ll send you an email response with those cards and a summary of their meaning.

I’m using my own system of cartomancy with regular playing cards inherited from my mother, so don’t be surprised if the cards and their meanings are a little different than what you’re used to. I also like to find a fairy or folk tale which deals with similar themes to the card reading, which I’ll then summarize or explain as a final note to the divination.

I am, of course, legally obligated to tell you all readings are for entertainment purposes only, and you must be 18 or older to request any divination service.

Thanks for supporting New World Witchery!


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