Quick Update – Contest Announcement and Holiday Haul Video

Greetings everyone and hope you’re having a lovely New Year so far! What’s more, we hope to make it even lovelier for you by giving you the chance to win some truly marvelous journals from one of our friends and supporters, Cat at Datura Dreamings Etsy shop. She makes gorgeous journals and sketchbooks with astoundingly lovely cloth covers that would be perfect for any grimoire or spellbook you might be putting together. She’s also giving our listeners a 15% discount if you order from her by January 31st, 2019, and use the code “NWW15” at checkout!

We announce our winner of this contest (congrats Abbi C.!) and also launch a new contest in which you can win one of these two beautiful journals from Datura Dreaming:

So what do you need to do to enter?

Contest Rules:
  1. As always, if you’re a Patreon supporter, you’ve got an automatic entry for this one. Thank you for stoking our cauldron fires!
  2. Comment on this post (or reply with a comment on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and tag us) with your favorite witchy book/read from the past year. What book really made an impact on you, and is it changing your practice for the future?
  3. Share your witchy goals with us! Are you engaging in any new practices? Recommitting to your existing practice? Do you have magical self-care rituals you can share? Will you be trying to learn something new as a part of your witchcraft? Comment here (or reply with a comment on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and tag us) and tell us all about it!
You can get up to three entries through any of those three methods. You’ll have until midnight on January 11th to get these in to us! Please remember that we’ll be announcing the winner online and that we often share the lore and ideas we get from listeners, so make sure to let us know if you need your name changed for any reason.
Thanks for watching/reading, and best of luck!
Notes and links for books/cards from the video:

6 thoughts on “Quick Update – Contest Announcement and Holiday Haul Video”

  1. Hi there,
    So for this entry I will share the newer witchcraft that I am exploring. I am hoping
    to try shadow work over the first half of the year. This is with the hope that looking deeper inside will help me communicate with my fractured bits of self. I have PTSD and my disassociation has been out of control for years. My hope is with this work and the help of corresponding dieties and architypes I may begin putting the jigsaw puzzle back together.
    Also, I plan to really stretch my tarot and divination creativity.

  2. There was tough competition, but my favorite magical read of the last year was Cunning-Folk and Familiar Spirits by Emma Wilby, which had been on my to-read shelf for ages. It delightfully and seriously engaged both my academic and witchy interests, introduced me to the delicious expression “encounter narrative,” and gave me all kinds of food for thought about the universality and deep emotional experience of visionary traditions.

    As for new goals for the coming year, I am branching out to explore the prospect of practice within a tradition group, as well as tackling another behemoth of my to-read shelf: Lynn Thorndike’s History of Magic and Experimental Science. I don’t know if I can manage all eight volumes in one year, but I’ll cram as many centuries into 365 days as I can!

    Happy new year, everybody!

  3. The book I keep dipping into is Benebell Wen’s The Tao of the Craft. It is so impressively meticulous, I’ve got a ton of things in there to keep me quite busy for the foreseeable future.

    “Go deeper” is my plan for the year. I’ll be focusing in on areas I feel like I have familiarity in and try to see how I can build upon what I have. LOL, it’s going to be an exercise in discipline to keep myself to the plan I created for myself, but I’m excited to see how it goes.

  4. Oooo! Favorite witchy read this past year has to be Odin: Meeting the Norse Allfather by Morgan Daimler and my goal for the year is to get this gosh darn book I’ve been working on through the publishing door by fall. I’m not sure how well a book on traditional witchcraft in America from a mixed-raced perspective will do but my heart is in it so wish me luck ^_^

    1. Oooh! That’s exciting! I would LOVE to read a book by you, Via Hedera! When you get a bit closer to publishing would you consider coming on the show? I love your scholarship blended with personal experience in the writings on your website.

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