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On this page you can find links to purchase titles by New World Witchery authors, guests, and contributors. Sales of these books help the show and site to grow and improve, so please consider making a purchase.

Books by Cory

 Fifty-Four Devils:
The Art & Folklore of Fortune-telling with Playing Cards

This brief-but-richly drawn book explores the practice of divination by playing cards—known as cartomancy. It reveals the “secrets in plain sight” which hide within the pips, kings, queens, and jokers of a standard deck. Explore one method of divination in-depth as you meet the “fifty-four devils”—the symbolic spirits of each card—and learn about invoking ancestral blessings for card readings, the folklore of playing cards, and how to relate fairy tales to a spread along the way.

Available from:
CreateSpace Storefront
Smashwords (for all e-readers)

Hands of Apostasy:
Essays on Traditional Witchcraft


Three Hands Press has assembled a collection of essays exploring the various forms, methods, symbols, and meanings of Traditional Witchcraft. Featuring entries from Gemma Gary, Mike Howard, Daniel Schulke (and Cory, who wrote a piece on Appalachian witchcraft initiations), Hands of Apostasy looks at a number of diverse and thoughtful perspectives on non-Wiccan witchcraft, its theory, and its praxis.

Etched Offerings: Voices from the Cauldron of Story

Featuring stories from great authors like H.D. Grogan, Inanna Gabriel, & Jason White, as well as many others (including Cory). Etched Offerings explores Pagan themes through the lens of short stories, often with a speculative-fiction or eerie vision guiding the narrative. (Misanthrope Press, 2011, currently out-of-print).

A Rustle of Dark Leaves: Tales from the Shadows of the Forest

This collection of tales explores the world of the dark forest, often with horrific glee. Step among the trees and discover the tales that lurk within the shadows that fall across the forest floor. From the words of the Forest himself to the ancient gods who defend him, from those who dwell within to those who merely wander, these fifteen tales of the forest will intrigue, inspire, terrify, and enchant. Includes stories by Alexis A. Hunter, Gerri Leen, LaShawn M. Wanak, Jenni Wiltz, Seth Drake, and many more, with an introduction by Cory Thomas Hutcheson (Misanthrope Press, 2012, currently out-of-print).

Books by New World Witchery Guests

Sarah Anne Lawless:

Brendan Myers:

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cat yronwode:

Judika Illes:

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Chris Bilardi:

Jack Montgomery:

Denise Alvarado:

(Amazon author page for Denise Alvarado)

Ben Reeder:

Peter Paddon:

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Robert Schreiwer:

Signe Pike:

Starr Casas:

Orion Foxwood:

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