Lamplighter Blues Episodes

Here you’ll find the back episodes of the wonderful (but sadly now gone) show called Lamplighter Blues, with Dr. Hob and Silver Shadow. The hosts have graciously allowed us here at New World Witchery to maintain this repository of their old episodes in case anyone wants to revisit them. We miss this great show, but understand the need to move in a different direction, and are thankful for the legacy they’ve left us.


Lamplighter Blues 

~Episode 1: Mirror Boxes

~Episode 2: Ritual Bathing

~Episode 3: Mojo Bags w/Dr. E.

~Episode 4: Saint Work w/Papa Newt

~Episode 5: Reversing Work

~Episode 6: Curios I

~Episode 7: Curios II

~Episode 8: Home Magic

~Episode 9: Year Wrap-Up

~Episode 10: Braucherei w/Chris Bilardi & Rob Chapman (Phoenix)

~Episode 11: Spring! w/Jen Rue

~Episode 12: British Folk Magic w/Peter Paddon

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