Podcast 69 – Goodbye Peter


This is a heartfelt (if rambling), often emotional, and very raw memorial to Peter Paddon, who passed away at the end of October 2014. You will hear my memories of him, what I owe him (hint: a lot), some of his thoughts in his own words, and a bit of the music he liked to play on his show. Words cannot truly express the loss, but I hope this will provide at least a little closure and solace for those who—like me—have been deeply impacted by Peter’s departure from this world. Bendith, Peter.


Download: New World Witchery – Episode 69


The sound bites you hear are selections from Peter’s Crooked Path Podcast, both in its old form and its more recent incarnation. If you don’t listen to the show, I’d highly recommend doing so, as Peter left behind a tremendous amount of wisdom and information for us. Some of the episodes sampled include “Leadership,” “Cosmic Soup & the Might Dead,” “The Dark Mother,” “Samhain,” “Pagan Celebrity,” “Pagan Fundamentalism,” and “Living a Magical Life.” You should also visit Pendraig Publishing to find out more about the written legacy Peter leaves us.

You can donate to the Peter Paddon GoFundMe campaign on the main New World Witchery site (at the top right of the page), or through this link. I’ll also be donating all royalties from 54 Devils to the fund (or one of his family’s choosing) from October through December 2014 to help out, so you can support them that way if you prefer.

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Promos & Music

Title music:  “Homebound,” by Jag, from Cypress Grove Blues.  From Magnatune. (Not heard this episode).

Music includes “Falling Down” and “The Hunt (Corners),” by Tuatha Dea; “Mordred’s Lullabye,” by Heather Dale; “Amazing Grace,” by Kellianna and Wendy Rule; and “The Call” and “Singing to the Bones,” by Wendy Rule.

Quick Update – Peter Paddon (1964-2014)

Peter Paddon (1964-2014). Bendith.
Peter Paddon (1964-2014). Bendith.

Dear friends,

If you have not heard yet, last Thursday morning the news came that good friend, teacher, and cunning man Peter Paddon had passed away in his sleep during the night. You can read his full obituary at the Wild Hunt, which presents a small sampling of the many, many people his loss has left grieving (not least his wonderful wife Linda and his children). I am unsure of the future trajectory of the numerous projects to which he had put his industrious and enchanted hands (a fancy way of saying I don’t know what will happen next with things like the Crooked Path, Pendraig Publishing, and other things he was working on). But I do know that like many others, my heart breaks to think of a world without him in it. I recognize that he is with us still as an ancestor, but I will very much miss seeing him in person for the remainder of my time here in the mortal realm.

I’m working on several memorial projects at the moment, as Peter was a major influence on me and on what I do. I expect that you’ll see those appear in the future through our site here. For now, I know that his family will need support and assistance. To that end, I’ve posted a button on the top right of the page which you can click to offer some financial support to the family. Or you can just click here. I am going to be donating this week, and I have decided to donate all proceeds from October to December 2014 from sales of my book Fifty-four Devils to Peter’s family or a fund of their choosing as well. I encourage anyone who can to help.

As I learn more about the legacy Peter leaves, and what will happen with his many projects in the future, I’ll keep you posted. Until then, as Peter would say, Bendith.

Blessings to you,


Podcast 63 – The Dark Mother

Shownotes for Podcast 63 – The Dark Mother


This episode is a tribute to the figure of the Dark Mother, with songs, stories, and poetry (by a special guest!). Feel free to send in any thoughts you have about the darker aspects of the feminine divine, particularly those found in folk and fairy tales!

Download: New World Witchery – Episode 63

In this show we’re featuring several stories and a few poems as well as the music listed below. Stories are:
1)      “The Juniper Tree” – by the Brothers Grimm, from Fairy Tales
2)      “Lilith’s Cave” – recorded by Howard Schwartz, from Lilith’s Cave
3)      “Leyenda de La Llorona” – recorded by Richard Dorson, in Buying the Wind
4)      “Inuit Myth of Sedna” – collected by Leeming & Page, from Myths, Legends, & Folktales of America

Poems are all courtesy of Peter Paddon, host of the Crooked Path podcast, and proprietor of the excellent Pendraig Publishing company.

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Promos & Music

Title music:  “Homebound,” by Jag, from Cypress Grove Blues.  From Magnatune.

Song List:
1)      Heather Dale – Mordred’s Lullabye (Avalon)
2)      SJ Tucker – Kashkash (Solace & Sorrow)
3)      Leslie Fish – Hymn to the NIght Mare (Avalon is Risen)
4)      Casey Redmond – Mother’s Acting Strange (MusicAlley.com)
5)      Wendy Rule – Creator/Destroyer (Wolf Moon) and Singing to the Bones (World between Worlds)

Incidental music was by SJ Tucker (from the Ember Days soundtrack) and Disparition.

Quick Update – Reminder: Pagan Podkin Super Moot 3!

It’s almost here! The third annual Pagan Podkin Super Moot is happening in a matter of days! Here’s a quick reminder about what it is, who’ll be there, and what’s happening:

The podcasters attending are:

Due to his recent illness, Peter Paddon of The Crooked Path will not be attending, but will be with us in spirit. Mojo and Sparrow of The Wigglian Way also had to bow out, but are sending their love our way.

The actual meet-and-greet day is Saturday, October 6th, at The Mystic Dream in Walnut Creek, CA. We’ll have two meet-and-greet sessions, one around noon and another around 3pm. In between, we’ll have mini-classes done by some of the podkin, including:

1. “Magical Interwebs: Learning to Research your Path Beyond the 101 Books,” presented by Fire Lyte of Inciting a Riot. (around 12:30pm – 1:00pm)

2. “The Clear Moon Brings Rain: Omens, Signs, & Superstitions in Everyday Life,” presented by Cory of New World Witchery, (around  1:00-1:30pm)

3. “Dancing the Body Divine,” presented by Saturn Darkhope of Pennies in the Well: (from about 2:00-3:00pm)

We’re also hoping to do a panel discussion with all the podcasters around 3:30pm, and (fingers crossed) we may try to record some of that, though we do have some limitations on recording equipment in this particular situation (not everyone will have mic).  But at the very least, this should be a lot of fun!

We have some wonderful sponsors for the swag bags this year. We’re planning to give away at least one of those bags to a lucky listener who attends our meet-and-greet, which will include items from:

So if you’re anywhere in the San Francisco Bay area on Saturday, please come by and say hello! I’d love to meet you, and who knows, you may even win some witchy goodies! Happy October to you!

Thanks for reading, listening, and being generally great!


Quick Update – Pagan Podkin Super Moot 3

Even though it sounds like a Japanese-import video game from the 90’s, the title of this blog post actually refers to the annual gathering of Pagan and magically-minded podcasters which is in its third year now. A number of podcasters have already been mentioning the event, but we only nailed down final details in the past few days. This year’s event is going to be in the San Francisco area, so if you’re out California way, come on by! We’ll be having a meet-and-greet as usual, which will also involve the opportunity to win some swag from some of the Moot sponsors (see below for a complete list and copious thanks to them). The date of the meet-and-greet is Saturday, October 6th, and we’re tentatively saying we’ll be there from 1pm to 4pm, though we may wind up sticking around a little longer.

Our meet-and-greet is going to be on Saturday, Oct. 6th at The Mystic Dream in Walnut Creek, CA, and they’ve been very accommodating to us so far, so we’re thrilled to be there!

The podcasters attending are:

We may also have some guests from the SFO area coming out to meet up, too, including magical authors and musicians, though we’re still hammering out those details.

We want to send special thanks to our sponsors this year, too! You’ll probably hear us gushing over them plenty in the coming weeks, but I’m going to be the first (I think):

They’ve all been incredibly generous with us, and they’re almost all small shops/publishers/artists who can use some support, so please surf over to them and check out what they have.

If you’re going to be coming to the meet-and-greet, please let me know! I’d love to plan to meet you and maybe even get the chance to sit and chat a while! You can leave a comment on this post or drop me an email. You can also keep up to date on the plans and details of the events at www.paganpodkin.com.

Hope to see at least some of you there!


Podcast Special – All Hallows Read


In our very special and rather remarkable Halloween episode, we have original works of short fiction from six talented horror writers. Special thanks to our guests and our listeners!


Download:  New World Witchery Special – All Hallows Read


I mention the concept of All Hallows Read early on, which is an idea from author Neil Gaiman. All works herein are original and retain the copyright of their authors. They are used with authorial permission on this episode. For your convenience, here’s a rough index of where the different stories and promos are in the show:
0 – Intro
7:40 – “Midnight,” by Saturn Darkhope
25:02 – “A Flash of Red,” by Inanna Gabriel
35:40 – Pennies in the Well promo
36:20 – Children of the Moon (Misanthrope Press) promo
37:53 – “The Crystal Well,” by Oraia Helene
51:10 – The Demon’s Apprentice, “Chapter 2,” by Ben Reeder (read by Peter Paddon)
1:09:52 – “They Dance at the Full Moon,” by Cory Thomas Hutcheson (that’s me!)
1:35:05 – Media Astra ac Terra promo
1:35:40 – Uneasy Lies the Head (Pendraig Publishing) promo
1:36:45 – Lakefront Pagan Voice promo
1:37:34 – “Rushing Water,” by Scarlet Page
2:00:55 – Closing notes/Credits/Outro

Promos & Music
“Grifos Muertos” by Jeffery Luck Lucas, from his album What We Whisper, on Magnatune.com

All incidental music comes from the Apple GarageBand program and Archive.org

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