Podcast 63 – The Dark Mother

Shownotes for Podcast 63 – The Dark Mother


This episode is a tribute to the figure of the Dark Mother, with songs, stories, and poetry (by a special guest!). Feel free to send in any thoughts you have about the darker aspects of the feminine divine, particularly those found in folk and fairy tales!

Download: New World Witchery – Episode 63

In this show we’re featuring several stories and a few poems as well as the music listed below. Stories are:
1)      “The Juniper Tree” – by the Brothers Grimm, from Fairy Tales
2)      “Lilith’s Cave” – recorded by Howard Schwartz, from Lilith’s Cave
3)      “Leyenda de La Llorona” – recorded by Richard Dorson, in Buying the Wind
4)      “Inuit Myth of Sedna” – collected by Leeming & Page, from Myths, Legends, & Folktales of America

Poems are all courtesy of Peter Paddon, host of the Crooked Path podcast, and proprietor of the excellent Pendraig Publishing company.

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Promos & Music

Title music:  “Homebound,” by Jag, from Cypress Grove Blues.  From Magnatune.

Song List:
1)      Heather Dale – Mordred’s Lullabye (Avalon)
2)      SJ Tucker – Kashkash (Solace & Sorrow)
3)      Leslie Fish – Hymn to the NIght Mare (Avalon is Risen)
4)      Casey Redmond – Mother’s Acting Strange (MusicAlley.com)
5)      Wendy Rule – Creator/Destroyer (Wolf Moon) and Singing to the Bones (World between Worlds)

Incidental music was by SJ Tucker (from the Ember Days soundtrack) and Disparition.

4 thoughts on “Podcast 63 – The Dark Mother”

  1. Excellent stories and poems. Tunes were great also besides the Wendy Rule stuff (I may be the only pagan in existence that does not like Wendy’s music :).

    The Dark Mother is a great subject this time of year as we (in the northern hem) are at spring coming into summer and everything is “love and light”, yet there is still the essence of darkness that needs to be there for balance. Night comes and goes and life’s challenges, many uninvited, still knock at our doorstep and we need the sternness to tackle these.

  2. This episode doesn’t seem to be available any more, along with a few others on the site.

    1. Hi Arren,

      I’ve heard that from several folks, but nothing in our feed for this episode is different, so I can’t figure out why it’s not loading for folks (or rather, most people seem to say it will play for about 30 seconds then stop).

      If you right-click the mp3 file and save it, are you able to hear the whole thing that way? What podcatcher software are you using to listen to the show?


  3. Hi! I have recently fallen in love with your podcast and I notice something is up with this episode and I so want to listen to it! It’s only playing the first 31 seconds. Thanks!

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