Special Episode – Sound Sigils


This is a (highly experimental) episode that features three audio charms (or “sound sigils” as Cory calls them). They incorporate traditional materials but also some fairly out-there stuff, too. If you have audio sensory issues, we won’t blame you for skipping this one. Otherwise, we hope you enjoy this practical dive into “sensory witchcraft!”



Download: Special Episode – Sound Sigils



Sources come mostly from Cory’s personal experiences, but you can read a bit about the Essene Blessing Walk here, and you should definitely check out Gemma Gary’s The Charmer’s Psalter, which Cory uses a lot for his Psalm-based charms.


 Promos & Music

Intro music is “Grifos Muertos” by Jeffery Luck Lucas, from his album What We Whisper, used under license from Magnatune.com


Incidental music used through Creative Commons license on SoundCloud or licensed from Magnatune.com.


Sound effects are sourced from Creative Commons licensed recordings at Sound Bible.

2 thoughts on “Special Episode – Sound Sigils”

  1. oh this reminds me,as i was listening to your most recent podcast i thought of the connection between taste and smell. thought it might be a relevant connection as that if your sense of smell is blocked your sense of taste is diminished.

    1. That is definitely an excellent point. I think it would be worth exploring all the cross-connections between senses as a way of sort of “reworking” a magical practice. Thanks for your thoughts!

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