Special Episode – The Ritual of Gestures Experiment


This is one of our “Tales from the Witching Hour” practical episodes in which we discuss spells or rituals we’ve tried and our experiences with them. This time, we talk about a joint effort to do Cunningham’s “Ritual of Gestures,” the ways it worked for us, and the ways it didn’t. Cory also breaks down some of his recent experiments with “sound sigils.”


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Download: Special Episode – The Ritual of Gestures Experiment



This episode is largely fueled by Cunningham’s “Ritual of Gestures” from Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner

You may also want to check out our two recent episodes on Sensory Witchcraft and Cory’s episode on “sound sigils” too.


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Intro music is “Grifos Muertos” by Jeffery Luck Lucas, from his album What We Whisper, used under license from Magnatune.com

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