Episode 92 – Sabbats and Esbats



In this episode, we look at witch gatherings under full moons and around bonfires, from tales in folklore to what we do when we get together with other witches.


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Download: Episode 92 – Sabbats and Esbats



Our “Looking Back” segment is Episode 43 – Solitary, Partner, or Coven. You may also want to check out our Special Episode – The Horned Women, which features a fairy tale version of a witch gathering.

We’ve got several book and media sources we mention in this episode:

We discuss several different mail-order Sabbat kits. We haven’t ever used any of them, so these aren’t recommendations, but the ones we’ve looked at a little bit are:

You may also want to check out Sarah Lawless’ episode on Sabbats from her old show, Hedgefolk Tales, which has an account by Robert Cochrane on it.

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  1. I subscribe to Sabbat Box and LOVE it – I am more impressed every box I receive. And I feel like it allows me to be MORE involved rather than less – I truly enjoy. (I also do the new moon intention locket from forstrangewomen – I highly recommend that as well.) i would be happy to speak/write more about either/both if you’d like…Catherine, catny1111@gmail.com

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