Episode 88 – Everyday Magic



We look back at the subject of broom closets this time around, and then dive into the uses of everyday and household ingredients in folk magic.

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CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT! It’s been a while, so we want to do a second round of our Audio Spellbook, so all you have to do is send us the sound of *you* describing your favorite spell which uses everyday ingredients (things you could find in a spice cabinet, grocery store, or backyard, for example). You can either record your spell and email it to us at compassandkey@gmail.com or call us and leave us a voice mail on our official NWW hotline: (442) 999-4824 (that’s 442-99-WITCH, if it helps). You can also get an extra entry by sharing either our Patreon page or our Contest Announcement via your favorite social media (make sure to tag us or get a screen capture you can email to us). What will you be entered to get? Well, you’ll get a NWW Annual Mailer (who can’t use an extra one of those, right?), a couple of bottles of our personally handmade condition oils, a folk charm or two, and a book or two to make it all even better!


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Some of the previous episodes and website articles we mention in this show include:

Cory also mentions his interview on the Witches’ View Podcast, where he talked about cleaning lore and brooms.

Some books worth checking out on the subject of everyday magic include

We mention the awesome site Wolf & Goat as a place for finding really unique magical wares

Laine talks about Brazilian Bahia Bands as well

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4 thoughts on “Episode 88 – Everyday Magic”

  1. This episode got me thinking quite a bit. Like Laine, the first thing I might think of for protection would be a piece of jewelry as well. It’s taken me a while to realize that, in terms of magic, particularly everyday magic, I gravitate towards visual symbolism. I have always felt most drawn to things like the tarot, or individual charms. I am much less likely to use salt than I am to write something down on a piece of paper or put on a ring or carry some physical thing that reminds me of strength and protection, usually at least partly because of how it looks/its physicality. I carry a tarot card in my little zip pouch that houses my ID and bring it around with me every day, and I keep figurines/decorations that make me feel witchy or have some kind of magical significance for me. This is probably also why I like getting tattoos- something about those forms of visual symbolism draws me in a lot more than the use of herbs or candles (which of course have their own symbolism as well).

  2. I loved the bit about enchanting hand lotion for work. I keep a bottle of hand sanitizer at work with a few drops of Crown of Success and Steady Work. I may have also sprinkled some sugar in the lockers of co-workers I was having conflicts with.

    Also the mention of those Brazilian bracelets got me thinking, because we had something a lot like that when I was in middle school (~15 years ago). A lot of gift shops sold these super flimsy bracelets with six or seven tiny seed beads braided into what was probably paper cord. They came in a rainbow of colors which each supposedly stood for a different desire, and you were supposed to wear it at all times – when it broke, your wish would come true. I went through a few of them, and it never even occurred to me until now that that was basically witchcraft.

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