Podcast 37 – The Audio Spellbook


This is our long-in-the-making audio spellbook episode! Listener contributions abound, as well as a few spells from your New World Witchery Hosts. Plus we announce the contest winners from our Speak-a-Spell giveaway.


Download: New World WItchery – Episode 37

All the spells come from listeners this time. Here’s a list of what you can hear:

1. Odom of the Evil Eye – Gambling Charm
2. Baron Chatdelamort – Chicken Foot Spell
3. Cory Hutcheson – Academic Crown of Success Mojo
4. Leathra (read by Laine) – Safe Travel Spell
5. Scarlet Page – Employment Spell
6. Nashoba – Cicada Creativity Charm
7. Jaina (read by Laine) – Prosperity Spell
8. Leathra (read by Cory) – Lost Object Teacup Spell
9. Ro – Matchbox Spell
10. Jessica – Warding and Protection Spell
11. Bev (read by Cory) – Coral Anti-Negativity Spell
12. Mama Fortuna – Cleansing Ritual Bath
13. Cory Hutcheson – Feet Water Charm
14. Cedar – Socializing Spell
15. Laine – Get a Job! Spell
16. Cory Hutcheson – Addled Brain Curse
17. John from MN – Icelandic Staves Curse

Here’s the photo from John’s Icelandic Staves spell:

Congratulations to our contest winners!

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Promos & Music

Title music:  “Homebound,” by Jag, from Cypress Grove Blues.  From Magnatune.

Additional Music from Musicalley.com (all podsafe):

1. Armand van Helden – “Witch Doctor”
2. Michael & Spider – “Enchanted”
3. Dreamline – “The Day the World Stood Still”
4. Todd Parker & the Witches – “Greetings from the Star Chamber”
5. Witcher – “Astral Phantasm”
6. Clouseaux – “Jungle Witch”
7. Witcher – “Kuin Metsaan Huuta”

6 thoughts on “Podcast 37 – The Audio Spellbook”

  1. I was listening to a past episode where you said you were considering sharing some of your working of spells… (If I mixed up this podcast with another I’m sorry) have a question reguarding the idea in general…

    Do you have any concerns over one of the sides of the witches pyramid (secrecy) in that by talking about the spell(s) you will loose some of it’s power? Just curious… peace be with you- A friend

  2. Great episode! This is one I’m going to have to listen to again when I’ll be able to take notes. I’ve tried something like Ro’s matchbox spell, but I didn’t really know what to do with it. I can hardly wait to try it again with her method.

  3. what a great episode. thanks for doing this. took lots of notes. guess i’ll be visiting my favorite witchy and herbal shops to get some ingredients! also, education – didn’t know what Icelandic staves were until now.

    maybe this can be a yearly or every other year thing?

    also, guidelines. i think spells should be tailored to the person and situation. therefore. guidelines. nothing lost

  4. I noticed that a few of the spells, possibly more, were taken from websites, books, etc. Perhaps the next time you run the contest you could stipulate that the spells must be created by the person or else passed down in the family. Kind of unfair to the real authors of the spells if someone else wins a prize off of their material. Just a suggestion though.

  5. Thanks for the great feedback on this episode, everyone! I’m glad so many of you enjoyed it, and hopefully we’ll do this again in the future for those who missed out this time.

    We love y’all!

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