Podcast 6 – Hoodoo and an Interview with Conjure-man Papa Toad Bone


In this episode, we discuss hoodoo and rootwork, particularly our experiences with it.  Then we have an interview with esteemed conjurer Papa Toad Bone.


Download:  New World Witchery – Episode 6


Lucky Mojo Co. – A site with lots of hoodoo information
Toad’s Bone Apotheca – Our guest’s marvelously funky and fantastic online curio shop
Mississippi Cunning + Conjure – A forum space for those interested in Southern magic and Traditional sorcery
Scarespite – A repository of Traditional Witchcraft and Sorcerous folklore

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Title music:  “Homebound,” by Jag, from Cypress Grove Blues.  From Magnatune.
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10 thoughts on “Podcast 6 – Hoodoo and an Interview with Conjure-man Papa Toad Bone”

  1. Whoo hoo! :))

    Was strange to listen to myself on a podcast haha I am a long time podcast junky since they first came out. Was great to be a part of the new form of pirate radio.

    Thanks again for having me. You’ll see more from me for sure. I’m like a mosquito. I tend to linger and keep it stirred lol.

    In a good way most times.

  2. So glad that I got to listen. Papa you did a good job. This is a nice idea for information.

  3. Awesome interview Papa Toad Bone!!!! I am very fortunate to be able to learn from you and pick your brain!!!!

  4. So glad this came up here! I was only able to get 32 mins from the podcast on iTunes…so I am SOO happy this is here!! Yay! Just listened to it and learned a lot and loved the podcast very much! Thank you so much for this (again)!


  5. LOVED this podcast! The interview was wonderful! This podcast is quickly becoming my favorite. Keep up the excellent work!

    1. Why thank you very much, Katherine! Please let us know if there are things you’d like to see or topics you’d like us to cover at some future date (that goes for all you readers/listeners out there).

      Be well!


  6. Hey, Cory,

    Great episode, loved the interview. On the following tradition versus intuition and the balancing point that comes from understanding the theory behind it – I have so used the roast beef example to explain that very thing! And that was the first time I ever heard another pagan use it, it was marvelous!

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