Blog Post 34 – This Week

Hello to all our wonderful readers and listeners!

I just wanted to make a quick post this morning to let y’all know that we’re going to have lots of good stuff for you this week.  I’m in the process of making final edits to our next podcast episode, which will feature an interview with the incomparable Papa Toad Bone of the Toad’s Bone Apotheca.  In addition, New World Witchery friend and scholar Chris Bilardi (author of the wonderful book The Red Church) has written an article for us on the braucherei magical tradition which we’ll be hosting here.  I think you’ll love this essay if you enjoy magic and folklore (if you’re reading this blog, I imagine that’s the case).

The podcast should be up tomorrow, and the essay will be posted on Wednesday and Thursday, I think.  I am so thankful to all our great friends, fans, readers, and listeners here!  You all make us feel really blessed, and the links, contributions, and comments have just been beyond our best expectations.  Thank you so much for being so supportive of New World Witchery!

Also, I know there have been a lot of comments and several emails that have been sent the past few days and which I haven’t yet responded to.  Please rest assured I’ll be getting to those and answering them as soon as possible.  I just wanted to go ahead and get this post up so that everyone would know what wonderful things to expect this week 🙂

As always, thanks for reading/listening/writing/talking/and everything else y’all do for us here at NWW!


3 thoughts on “Blog Post 34 – This Week”

  1. Sounds like a wonderful and exciting week! I’m looking forward to Chris’s article very much! (did my last email frighten you? LOL) Be well, Christine

  2. I’d like to echo the sentiment. I really enjoy reading everyone’s comments and emails. Even though I’m not as much of a presence on the blog as Cory is, know that I read and enjoy every single one. Thank you guys so much!


  3. i’m looking forward to hearing it as well. I had a bad connection…hardly understood a word Cory said…I just kept talking hahaha joking!

    It’s gonna be fun to hear.

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