Episode 218 – Catholic Folk Magic with The Red Text Podcast

Rosaries, novenas, and witchcraft? We chat with The Red Text Podcast about Catholic folk magic

Summary: We break out the smells and bells to chat with two delightful folk Catholic magicians: Fonzie and Ryan from The Red Text podcast! We talk about pathways into folk Christian-type magic, engaging in “good” heresy, Filipino spirits mingling with Mary, seeing folk magic as a Queer practice, and much more!

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Play: Episode 218 – Catholic Folk Magic with The Red Text Podcast

Thanks to Fonzie and Ryan for joining us this time! You should absolutely check out their podcast, The Red Text, for more on Catholic folk magic, witchcraft, and much more!

You can find Fonzie at her/his/their Instagram: @witchilumicente

You can find Ryan at their/her/his Instagram: @themestizomystic

We also mention Olivia, The Witch of Wanderlust, quite a bit, so check out their YouTube channel, too. Some other recommended follows are @banexbramble @witchofsouthernlight @tarotexegete and @chaoticwitchaunt.

We mention True Magic by Draja Mickaharic and The Way of the Rose by Clark Strand and Perdita Finn. We also briefly mention the Michealmas lore that Cory talks about in Episode 56 – Harvest Home.

You can now buy Cory’s book, New World Witchery: A Trove of North American Folk Magic! (also available from Amazon)

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