Episode 138 – A New Year and Magical Self Care


We look back at 2018’s witchy highlights and talk about some of our upcoming projects for the new year, then discuss folk magical approaches to self care for the new year as well.


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Huge thanks to everyone who made 2018 so wonderful! We had a great year with over twenty total episodes, plus lots of fun bonus stuff as well.

Cory mentions a few of his favorite books from the past year, which includes several books by Laura Tempest Zakroff (who we interviewed last year), the book Six Ways by Aidan Wachter, and Besom, Stang, & Sword by Chris Orapello and Tara-Love Maguire. He also mentions loving the Hilda series on Netflix and the graphic novels it’s based upon, and there’s a little bit of discussion of the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina as well. Laine mentions American Horror Story: Apocalypse as another good witchy show for the past year.

In the realm of magical self care, Laine draws from Cunningham’s Earth, Air, Fire, & Water. Cory is largely drawing from folklore related to magical cleansing rites and cutting and clearing away negative influences in your life, which have been the focus of several articles on the site, including:

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