Episode 137 – Yuletide Cheer! 2018


In our annual holiday episode, we turn to the natural world for carols and lessons on the plants and animals of the Yuletide season.


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Download: Episode 137 – Yuletide Cheer! 2018




Much of the lore featured in this episode comes from the following books and websites:


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 Promos & Music

Music from this episode is licensed from Magnatune unless otherwise noted. “CC License” indicates a Creative Commons 2.0 Share-and-share-alike license.


Song List:

  • The Holly & the Ivy – Quire Cleveland
  • Ceremonies for Christmas Eve – Passsamezzo
  • The Holly Witches’ Dance – Harper’s Hamper
  • Ivy is Good – English Ayres
  • Green Grows the Holly – Shira Kammen
  • The Blood-red Rose at Yule – Music for a Winter’s Night
  • Christmas Tree – Emma Wallace
  • Kentucky (Ohio) Wassail – Quire Cleveland
  • Apple Tree Wassail – Shira Kammen
  • Here we Come a-Wassailing – Harper’s Hamper
  • Wassail Song (1913 – Vaughn Williams) – Quire Cleveland
  • While Shepherds Watched their Flocks – Alabama Sacred Harp Singers (Wikimedia – CC License)
  • Shepherd’s Carol to be Sung on New Year’s Day – Passamezzo
  • On Christmas Day – Jean Ritchie (Library of Congress – Public Domain)
  • The Boar’s Head Carol – Harper’s Hamper
  • The Wren in the Furze – Shira Kammen
  • Fowles in the Frith/Bird on a Briar – English Ayres
  • Little Skylark – J. Tucker (used with permission of artist)
  • Da Day Dawn – Samantha Gillogly (used with permission of artist)


Incidental Music for this episode includes “O Christmas Tree,” by Jeff Wahl (Magnatune); “Snow Drop,” by Kevin Macleod (Free Music Archive – CC License); and “The Sighful Branches,” by Axletree (Free Music Archive – CC License).


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