Episode 123 – Everyday Magical Objects Revisited


We dig back into the listener suggestions for everyday magical objects and look at another round of commonplace (or uncommonplace) items and how they can fit into a magical practice. Everything from the dapper gentlewitch’s accessories to photosensitive paper makes it into this one, so we hope you enjoy!


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You might want to take a quick listen back to our first Everyday Magical Objects episode if you aren’t familiar with what we’re doing in this one. You may also want to listen to our episodes featuring Robert Schreiwer and Robert Phoenix, since Cory mentions the event with them (which was a blast!).

Some of the books and folklore sources used for this episode include:


Thank you to listeners Heather, Autumnn, Mahalia, Mila, Chris, & Jennifer for this episode’s Everyday Magical Object suggestions. Please feel free to send in your own suggestions for future objects!


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Title and closing music is “Homebound,” by Bluesboy Jag, and is used under license from Magnatune.

4 thoughts on “Episode 123 – Everyday Magical Objects Revisited”

  1. Hey NWW, long time listener from Savannah Ga. I have an interesting object to throw at y’all. Chess pieces. I’ve used them for years as representations for Concepts and more specifically beautiful marble Black queen piece as a figure for my Lovely Hekate when my funds for my altar space required I get creative.. You could use the pieces for other deities as well based on the associations. The knight for a warrior or animal god or the castle for a builder or smith etc. and there portable and readily available! what else you could use them for I have no idea! Being from Georgia my magic is solidly animist, folksy and conjure related, with some Greek devotional polytheism mixed in. Love you guys!

    1. That’s a fun one! We’ll have to think on that (I believe I have some ideas, but since it’s me, I also want to look into the folklore texts I’ve got and see what I can find, too, lol). Thanks for the great idea!

  2. I like to divine with paperclips, or other small objects sitting in my pockets. I mentally ‘label’ each thing with an outcome, and toss them on the floor. They line up in order of likelihood of occurrence, with the most probable closest to me. Keep up the good work!

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