Blog Post 157 – Weekend in Pictures

Bonus! Answer the following (very easy) question and get your name in the hat for a prize! One lucky winner will get a Lucky Bundle from Compass & Key Curiosities with a few bottles of our best lucky oils and a lucky curio or two. Leave your answer in the comments section below by MIDNIGHT TONIGHT (4/25/12) to enter!

The Question: Where was I?

Told you it was easy! Good luck!

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41 Comments on “Blog Post 157 – Weekend in Pictures”

  1. Um, Memphis, Tennessee?

  2. I guess Memphis! Now I want to go there too!

  3. kim Says:


  4. I’m guessing Memphis, TN? πŸ˜‰

  5. That would be Memphis, Tennessee.

  6. Soli Says:


    And looks like it was quite a weekend.

  7. Gwennie Says:

    Memphis, TN πŸ˜‰

  8. Leathra Says:

    *stares* I…honestly have no idea, but the song “Walking in Memphis” is going full blast in my head, so…I’m gonna listen to the voices in my head on this one. Plus I think that looks like an Elvis statue in one of the pictures.

  9. Elizabeth Says:

    Memphis, TN!

  10. Jessica Says:

    Unless I have completely lost my mind (and I may have), you were in Memphis TN?

  11. Molly Says:

    I’m going to take a wild guess and say Beale Street, Memphis, TN?

  12. leomp Says:

    Some pictures show that you was in Memphis, Tennessee.

  13. Silvershadow Says:

    You were at the folk lore festival! looks like you got some killer chicken too =P

  14. leomp Says:

    Some pictures show that you were in Memphis, Tennessee. I think that was in some voodoo/hoodoo store.

  15. Anastasia Says:

    Dude, it was Memphis, Tennessee.

  16. “Long distance information, get me …” Memphis, Tennessee! Oh, fond memories.

  17. can anybody fly this thing Says:

    Memphis, TN!

  18. Leslie Says:

    Memphis, TN.

  19. SpiderGoddes Says:

    If this is a typical weekend, I would love to tag along! lol

  20. enrique b Says:

    Memphis, TN!!!

  21. laureleiblack Says:

    Memphis, TN

  22. laureleiblack Says:

    Memphis, TN

    (I hope my reply comes through this time. My phone is being soooooo helpful today.)

  23. Seillean Says:

    Hmm. I think I’ll say Memphis, TN. πŸ˜‰

  24. maureenrh Says:

    You were in Memphis Tennessee πŸ™‚

  25. Madeliene Says:

    Help me, information, get in touch with my Marie
    She’s the only one who’d phone me here from Memphis Tennessee
    Her home is on the south side, high up on a ridge
    Just a half a mile from the Mississippi Bridge

  26. christine Says:

    Memphis, TN πŸ™‚

  27. grouchomarxism Says:

    Memphis, Tennessee

  28. I guess New York city!!!!!….. just kidding Memphis, Tn!!!!!

  29. fenifuego Says:

    Memphis, TN. Looks like you had a great time!

  30. Win Bayles Says:

    A large population center in TN that is not Knoxville, Nashville, or Chattanooga. (ie Memphis).

  31. Laurie Says:

    Tater Reds, Memphis TN?

  32. latasha Says:

    tater reds.

  33. nine sometimes Says:

    memphis! and after going through all your podcasts — i would love love love if you could touch on/talk about/point me to the witchcraft of colorado. there’s a great tradition in the southwest with mexican/american indian traditions, but colorado (specifically denver) really doesn’t seem to have a magical tradition. i love how you guys talk about witchcraft rooted to the soil & i’m having a hard time ‘rooting’ my practice to this land — perhaps i need the frontier/pioneer spirit? πŸ˜‰

  34. Allison Says:

    Memphis, TN; Home of the world’s best barbecue and even better music. What a fun trip!

  35. John R. Says:

    Memphis, TN. Looks like blues fest is next week!

  36. Was it Memphis, TN?

  37. paintwitch Says:

    looks like Memphis, TN, on my (very long) list of places to visit πŸ™‚

  38. Terry Says:

    I’ll join the party: Memphis, TN.

  39. Shannon Rae Says:

    Yay! Memphis! Throw me in the hat!

  40. David V Says:

    Memphis, Tennessee! I’ve been there, once when I was younger.

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