Thank you all for bearing with me.  I think I’ve finally got the feed situation sorted out, and all episodes of NWW are now showing up on iTunes and Podcast Alley.  If you happen to see errors showing up in those places with these episodes, please let me know, but otherwise I think we should now have back episodes listed along with our most current ones.

Again, thanks for putting up with the crazy posting today, and hopefully not unsubscribing and writing me hate mail!  🙂

All the best to our wonderful readers and listeners,


5 thoughts on “Success!”

  1. Haha that was wild! I logged into my email and found like 20 some odd “new posts.”

    Oh the hate mail is a-comin!!! 😛

    1. Haha! Thanks y’all! I really do apologize about the huge flood of files. I was just getting aggravated that only 5 episodes would ever show up in iTunes. But hopefully this was just a one-time fix and you won’t have to deal with another deluge of podcasts like that again in the future.

      Be well!


  2. I started listening at about #9, and my podgatherer (Juice) could access the archives back to #4, but it was great to finally get to hear 1, 2 and 3 today. Listening to them back-to-back clearly showed how much you two have loosened up as you became more comfortable with what you were doing. Episode 1 was quite formal, without even any laughter, let alone giggling, and a rather academically-written essay. The second one was a bit freer, and by the third you were well on the way to being the Cory and Laine we love today.

    1. Many thanks Wulf! I honestly haven’t listened back to our early episodes in a while, but I know we feel like we’ve gotten better over time.

      Also, awwwwww, thanks for the love! We really appreciate all of the support from our NWW readers and listeners (we need to come up with a clever nickname for y’all like FireLyte and the Pagan Hooligans have).

      Thanks so much again for your comment and the positive feedback!

      All the best,

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