4 thoughts on “Episode 13 – Lucky Charms”

  1. “Get you Jesus out of my clover!”…had me lol on that one! I can relate to the clover, I am into medicinal herbalism a bit and harvest clover in my yard all the time. I’ll be smiling the next time I do that thinking about the comment

    I had a rabbit’s foot also, back in the late 70’s (uh yea, I think I have you guys by a couple of years). They were everywhere back then, in thrift stores, vacation spots, etc. I think I bought mine at Gettysburg. Had it forever, then I left it in my pants one time and it went into the wash. My Ma was pissed, it left little bits of hair on everything!
    Thanks for the memories :>)

    1. Lol, glad to get a laugh, Chet 🙂

      Also good to know we’re not as old as we think 😉 The rabbit’s foot I had I believe I bought from a vending machine or won in an arcade or something. I remember it was white with a little bit of brown on it, but I have no idea what happened to it. If i get one in the future, though, I’ll be sure not to run it through the laundry!

      Thanks as always for your comment! Be well!


  2. Just a quick note to say that my Grandmother (Korean) said that 13 people at the table meant that 2 people where in love. And never brush your feet with a broom when you are cleaning because it means you will marry a divorcee.


    1. Thank you for that excellent information, Lusete! I’ve heard similar folklore about brooms sweeping over an unmarried girl’s feet. It’s a southern superstition that doing that dooms a girl to widowhood or spinsterhood.

      Wonderful comment and folklore! Thank you!


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