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Back in Blog Post 76, I mentioned that I’d be following up with some other types of success mojos.  Academic success is fantastic, but if you’re not in school it’s probably not going to help you much.  So today I thought I’d take that scholastic success mojo hand and rework it for a few other needs.  I hope it helps!

Building upon the basic Crown of Success mojo, which would generally include a John the Conqueror root in a red flannel sack anointed with Crown of Success oil, you could vary your specific ingredients for particular results:

Better Business – Add herbs like sassafras, five-finger grass, or cinnamon, plus a lodestone and magnetic sand.  Try to use an odd number of ingredients.  Pray Psalm 8 or a similar prayer.

Gentle Judge – A court-case success hand.  Use gravel root, little John to chew/galangal, cascara sagrada  bark, sugar, and tobacco.  Pray Psalm 36 or a similar prayer.

High Rollers – This is a gambling success mojo.  Use Job’s tears, a gator paw, a badger or gator tooth, a raccoon penis bone, a rabbit’s foot, and/or a four-leaf clover charm (primarily use curios for this one).  Pray Psalm 41 or Psalm 62 or a similar prayer.

Lucky in Love – With this success hand, it’s less about attracting a new love and more about strengthening one that exists (say, for example, during the process of courtship and marriage).  Add angelica root, violets, and roses (if trying to court a woman) or vanilla, tobacco, and dragon’s blood resin (for courting a man).  You can use lavender if you’re courting someone of the same sex, as well.  Pray Psalm 139 or a similar prayer.

Make It Rain Money – Add cinnamon, collard seeds, beans or peas, lucky hand root, rice, and/or rose of Jericho (things like seeds, beans, peas, and rice all signify abundance).  Add a lucky penny or a silver dime if you like, or a silver charm like a four-leaf clover.  Pray Psalm 126 or a similar prayer.

There are so many variations on these types of mojos, so please try them out and experiment.  I’ve had a lot of success (and the irony of that is not lost on me) working with these types of hands, so I encourage everyone to give them a try.

I’d like to close this post by sharing something one of our wonderful readers mentioned to me.  Odom of the Evil Eye recently wrote me about an academic success hand he’s working on, and he included an ingredient that struck me as just perfect for that kind of work:  coffee.  He made an excellent point that as a stimulant coffee can help keep one awake and alert, and that the university coffee house is such a ubiquitous piece of the college landscape it almost serves as a shrine to this kind of work.  So good eye for that connection, Odom!

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3 thoughts on “Blog Post 78 – More Mojos for Success”

  1. Man I wish I knew the Psalms as well as you Cory! Oh well, just something to work on.

    Thanks for the mention, and I do what I can :P. A lot of conjure work is based in sympathies, and while Kat Yronwode’s book/web site is a great source, sometimes ya just gotta pick something up and look at it, think about what it means.

    An example of what I mean is in my 4 thieves’ vinegar. I use a length of briar as one of the components. I don’t know about anyone else, but when I’m walking through the woods, old man briar is one of the big plants I watch out for, as he is very uncomfortable to get tangled up in. Due to this, he makes an excellent aggressive guardian, making him quite Jupiterian.

    You can take that further even by connecting the norse rune Thurisaz (spelling), which is the rune for Thor. This rune also means “Thorn,” and even looks like a thorn. Thor, being a Thunder God, can be associated with Zeus and Jupiter, which are aggressive protectors, just like Thor.

    Anyway, you guys get the point (get it? After all that briar talk…). A little thought and personal reflection goes a long way in conjure work :).

    1. Thanks again Odom! In fact there are only a few Psalms I know by heart (23, 35, 65, etc.) and otherwise I have to use resources. But you probably do notice that certain ones crop up again and again. I think having a small repertoire of Psalms, prayers, or spoken charms like that is really helpful, because you never know when you’ll need them.

      The brier inclusion is interesting! I can totally see how it works, magically speaking. What does it do to the taste though? I like to use a splash or two of Four Theives with some oil on a salad to build up protection through food magic. Do you think it would affect that?

      And happy to give you credit where credit is due! The coffee was a great idea!

      Thanks again, and keep posting comments! 🙂


      1. Ahh well my formula for Four thieves’ is definitely inedible. Mine is kept in a vial on my person and used as an aggressive defense sympathy. If I ever needed to, I could put some in a small glass vial and pour its contents on the doorstep of someone I don’t want bothering me. I made mine quite strong to the sense of smell. Its aroma is pungent enough to give me a severe headache if I am exposed to it for too long. :o.

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