Podcast Special – The Horned Women



A very short special in which Cory reads the fairy tale “The Horned Women,” then discusses a bit of the witchcraft in it.  Happy Walpurgisnacht/May Eve/Beltane everyone!


Download:  New World Witchery – Podcast Special – The Horned Women


“The Horned Women,” from Fairy & Folk Tales of the Irish Peasantry, by W.B. Yeats and Lady Gregory.


“Grifos Muertos” by Jeffery Luck Lucas, from his album What We Whisper, on Magnatune.com

8 thoughts on “Podcast Special – The Horned Women”

  1. First off, I loved the voices, you all did a great job. Now, I’ve heard a version on this story when very young and then later from a very amazing sixth grade teacher. Alas, he got into serious trouble telling us anything about William B. Yeats and we never were able to discuss the story.

    So, since I was about twelve years old, I’ve wondered, how did the twelve witches know to come to the lady’s home? Was she chosen? Were they sent there? There is a non-consensual feeling to their visit, you think? *heehee* Now out in New Mexico, they warn you of knocks on the door late at night and shapes peeking into your windows with massive warnings not to let them in. (Native people/Mexican stories.)

    Now this is just for pondering! And discussion of course.

    I really enjoyed the podcasts, I love being “read” to and reading to people and this a lot like being read to!

    Take care,

    1. Hi Jae,

      You’re going to make me blush! Thanks so much for the compliment on the telling!

      I always take this story as an initiation story, or a “teaching” story of some kind. The woman of the house is being instructed in witchcraft by the horned women, I think. My suspicion is that she entered into a pact with them long before the story began, and this night is the night it all comes to fruition. But that is just how I see it and I think there are several ways to understand it.

      I’ll hopefully do more storytelling episodes in the future, unless I get feedback not to, so maybe I’ll be reading to you more in the future! 🙂

      On a completely unrelated note, your avatar image is really familiar to me….it reminds me of a painting I saw in Boston at the Isabella Stewart Gardener museum. Can I ask what it’s from?

      All the best!


  2. Loved this special episode, Cory! You have a great storytelling voice. 🙂

    1. Awwww, gawrsh! I’m gonna get a big head if y’all keep up this sweetness about the storytelling episode! Thanks so much, Oraia! I like doing this sort of thing, so maybe there will be more in the future.


  3. You have a good eye and memory, the painting is “Madame X” and she was a real live person. My sister and i and all our cousins were just enthralled with the story of the scandal her portrait made in Paris and our grandfather told us fanciful tales of Madame X’s background, that dress, her life, marriage, Louisiana and French lore about New Orleans. Now, I have very fair skin and dark eyes and several of the older men in our families would joke and call me Little Miss Madame X…especially whenvever I wore a LBD (Little Black Dress, the nuclear weapon of women’s fashion!) And later, my husband, whose family has ties to New Orleans and Louisiana and a fierce love of the arts, called me that before we we even dated! *blush* There is a place in Austin, Texas that is a museum that the former owner is somehow related to some Boston art family and once there was showing of painting-portraits there…I need to look it up. Anyway, just Goggle Madame X and you can learn a lot. I used to tell my sister and little girl cousins stories about Madame’s dress, how it is still out there, in perfect condition and still lightly scented with her perfume and when a girl finds it and puts it on…well, my husband suggested it as a avatar long ago.

    Now, what do you suppose the pact was the lady made with the Horned Women? Hope your feeling better, my uncle-in-law says you should drink lots of homemade lemon ade and ginger ale when stricken with swamp fever!

    Thanks again for your story-telling and hopefully, there will be lots more!

    1. Ah, yes! Thank you! I knew I’d seen it somewhere before! The Gardener museum in Boston is probably my favorite museum anywhere in the world (that I’ve visited so far, that is). I just love that it’s basically a big house and everything in it is art, from the chairs and desks to the paintings on the wall to the statues in the garden.

      Feeling much better, thanks! And I’ll definitely be doing more storytelling episodes in the future. They’ll probably be stories I associate with particular times of the year, so they may come out around the holidays. Just another reason to stay tuned to us here at NWW, lol!

      Be well!

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