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Quick Update – New Items in Shop!

October 21, 2010

Hi everyone,

We’ve had several folks requesting (and we’ve been promising) our Crown of Success Oil.  Well, good news!  It’s finally available for purchase again from our Etsy shop:

Along with the oil, a Crown of Success Mojo Bag is also available, and a combination bundle of one mojo bag and one bottle of oil for $2 less than it would cost to buy them separately.

We’ve also got our Attraction Oil listed now, too!

Don’t be thrown by the numbers, either–we’ve got more than one of each of these.  I’ve found it’s easier to list one of something and then relist it when it’s been sold.  For those not in the US who wish to purchase, just send us an email at so we can work out shipping costs and we’ll be happy to sell to you as well!

Thanks for shopping! 🙂

Be well!




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