Episode 121 – Yuletide Fear! 2017 (The Statue)

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We return to a place you should already have forgotten (and we know if you haven’t) in our eerie, time-twisting tale for the 2017 holiday season.


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Download: Episode 121 – Yuletide Fear! 2017 (The Statue)



Firstly, if you haven’t ever heard of a little place called NIGHT VALE, then you should definitely pay that peculiar little town a visit (especially since our episode is done as a loving homage and parody of that town’s radio broadcasts).


Also, if you’ve not been here before, you may want to listen to the episodes about “The Visitor” and “Ice Cream” before hearing this one. We can’t promise it will help anything make sense (what does in this crazy, mixed-up, soul-eviscerating world?), but at least you get to hear more of Laine’s tourism director voice that way.


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 Promos & Music

Our Sports segment is “Feast of Krampus,” by S.J. Tucker, used with artist permission.


Incidenta Music: “O Come O Come Emmanuel” and “Silent Night” (Mystery Mammal – Magnatune); “Stille Nacht” (Ralph Rousseau Meulenbroeks – Magnatune); “Winter’s Ritual” and “Treachery is Afoot” (S.J. Tucker)

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  1. Hi guys, I just wanted to thank you both for still doing what you do and being SO FANTASTIC at it. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate having just the right magical supplement to my daily life, it does wonders for my soul.
    You have inspired me to start my own podcast, and with your permission, I would love to promote you guys on it, even if it’s just as a shout out as my inspiration.
    Thank you both again so much! Love your work.

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