Episode 120 – Yuletide Cheer! 2017


In our Yuletide episode, we listen to carols (and of course some wassails), hear a story about an ember-eating ancient creature, and share listener greetings for the season.


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Producers for this show: Heather, Jenna, Achija of Spellbound Bookbinding, Corvus, Khristopher, Ye Olde Magic Shoppe, Raven Dark Moon, Little Wren, J.C., Mandy, Josette, Jen Rue of Rue & Hyssop, Catherine, AthenaBeth, Cynara at The Auburn Skye, Victoria, Johnathan at the ModernSouthernPolytheist, Montine, Regina, Hazel, Michael, Patrick, & Sherry (if we missed you this episode, we’ll make sure you’re in the next one!). Big thanks to everyone supporting us!


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See “Promos & Music” for a complete track listing.

Special thanks this episode to listeners Achija, AthenaBeth, the young ladies who called in to ask about Krampus, and everyone else who wished us a happy season.

Special thanks as well to the luminous Sylvia V. Linsteadt for sharing a selection from her book, Tatterdemalion, with us during this episode. You can find out more about that book and the artwork of the equally luminous Rima Staines at Hedgespoken.

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 Promos & Music



  1. Christmas Rhyme – Ewan MacCarroll (LOC/Lomax Collection)
  2. Apple Tree Wassail – Shira Kammen (Magnatune)
  3. Old Chistmas – Boyd Asher ((LOC/Lomax Collection)
  4. The Night Before Christmas – Harry E. Humphrey (Free Music Archive)
  5. What Cheer to a Ground – Quire Cleveland (Magnatune)
  6. Pan Hospordaryu – Ukranian Village Voice (Free Music Archive)
  7. Good King Wenceslas – Maya Solovy (Free Music Archive)
  8. Shchedrik – Kitka (Magnatune)
  9. The Holly & the Ivy – Quire Cleveland (Magnatune)
  10. Bring a Torch, Jeanette, Isabella – Aaron DeVries (Free Music Archive)
  11. Bring Us in Good Ale – Shira Kammen (Magnatune)
  12. Pat-a-Pan – Steve Eulberg (Magnatune)
  13. Un Enfant Vien De Nuit – Modestus Eugene and the Trinidad and Tobago Singers (LOC/Lomax Collection)
  14. White Christmas – Marigolds Scratch Band (LOC/Lomax Collection)
  15. O Day – Georgia Sea Island Singers (LOC/Lomax Collection)
  16. Song for a Winter’s Night – The Nancies (Free Music Archive)
  17. Solstice Night – J. Tucker (with Artist Permission)
  18. In the Bleak Midwinter – Maya Solovy (Free Music Archive)
  19. “Da Day Dawn,” Samantha Gillogly (With Artist Permission)


 Incidental Music: “The Glory of the Kitchen” (Passamezzo – Magnatune); Seth Partridge – Sing We Now of Christmas (Free Music Archive); “Stille Nacht” (Ralph Rousseau Meulenbroeks – Magnatune); “Winter’s Ritual” and “Treachery is Afoot” (S.J. Tucker); “Constellations,” “Aurora Borealis,” and “Celestial Sphere” (Robert Otto – Magnatune); “Ceremonies for a Christmas Eve – Passamezzo (Magnatune)”

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  1. Thank you so much for this wonderful episode. It was truly magickal and I enjoyed every minute. I look forward to all of your podcasts but this one will be played again and again. Thank you, again, and Happy Yule!

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