Special Episode – Can Peter Play?


Our second #AllHallowsRead episode is about a game almost everyone has played: tag. Only this time, we’re playing in the dark, and a new player arrives just in time to cause a few chills.



Download: Special Episode – Can Peter Play



I’ve adapted this version based on several similar tag games found in Simon Bronner’s American Children’s Folklore, as well as an internet-based version I found through the Reddit No Sleep forum.


 Promos & Music

Intro music is “Grifos Muertos” by Jeffery Luck Lucas, from his album What We Whisper, used under license from Magnatune.com


Incidental music by Olssons (“Ambient One”); DR (“Sedativa V”); Byzons (“Apatheia (Or, The Story of a Girl Trapped in a World of Madness)),” all of which are used through Creative Commons license on SoundCloud.


Sound effects are sourced from Creative Commons licensed recordings at Sound Bible. Special thanks to guest voices Jack and Poppy. Now go to bed, kids.

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