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Hello everyone!

The episode enclosed is not a New World Witchery episode. Not exactly. It exists because our wonderful listeners have been supportive and kind and generous over the years, and provided me with a way to make something new and different. But the magic in the podcast herein is not quite the same magic you’ve grown used to hearing over the years on our show. Instead, the magic of this show is simple wonder.

What you’ve got here is a sneak preview of our first episode of the new show, “Chasing Foxfire,” which is a show about where folklore and life intersect. If you’ve been listening to us for much time, you’ll know that I’ve been working on this show for a few months, and that it is something separate from New World Witchery. It will be going up on its own site ( by next week, but I wanted to let our NWW listeners have a chance to hear it before it goes out to the general public. It may not be your cup of tea, especially if you come to this show for discussions of mojo bags, honey jars, and flying ointments. Those things may show up from time to time in Chasing Foxfire, but they aren’t its main subject matter.

However, if you’re a listener who likes folklore generally, and also perhaps likes things like stories about glowing Civil War soldiers, musically inclined bugs, overlaps in the poetry of Robert Frost and H.P. Lovecraft, and the films of Pixar, then this first episode will be right up your alley. You’ll find all of those stories and more in “Episode 1 – Glow.” Future episodes will have everything from Colonial American dessert recipes, barefoot preachers, and Bugs Bunny to cowboy hats, lumberjack-based viral marketing, and pirate treasure. It is a show that will see where folklore intersects with science, nature, popular culture, literature, art, medicine, history, and whatever else we find. Basically, we follow folklore wherever it goes.

I hope you enjoy this episode, and will join me once a month (for now) to hear new tales, and follow new lights into dark places.

A special thanks to our Patreon supporters, without whom this new show wouldn’t be possible.

And to all our listeners, thanks for all you’ve done for us and been to us over the years. (And don’t worry, New World Witchery isn’t going anywhere).

Thanks for listening,


Abbreviated Shownotes and Episode Below

Episode 1 – Glow


In our first episode, we hear tales of glowing Civil War soldiers, a Pixar princess, and musical bugs.





  • Special thanks to my guests, Dr. Phyllis Martin of the USDA (retired) and Frank P. Lavarre.
  • I first heard about the Civil War “Angel’s Glow” phenomenon via an article in mental_floss by Matt Soniak.
  • Thanks to the Allegheny National Forest rangers and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park rangers for information on the fireflies.
  • The Pixar Theory is the brainchild of Jon Negroni, of the Now Conspiring podcast.
  • The poems “The Ancient Track,” by H.P. Lovecraft and “The Wood-Pile,” by Robert Frost, are quoted and referenced under the auspices of Fair Use.


All music for this episode is licensed through Magnatune. [Complete track listing to follow in official shownotes]

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  1. I realky like your NWW podcast, but I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed this podcast episode! I love folklore and folk tales, but the way you incorporated interview footage along with your own talking piece really brought a “fire side” feel. I can’t wait to hear more!
    Thank You!

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