Podcast 74 – Grimoires with Atticus Hob


For February 2015, we bring Atticus Hob on as our guest co-host to discuss magical book traditions, especially grimoires old and new.


Download: New World Witchery – Episode 74


Please keep Laine in your thoughts and prayers, as she is dealing with a serious (but thankfully not life-threatening) medical issue.

Some of the old grimoires we mention in this episode include The Black Pullet, The 6th & 7th Book of Moses, The Petit Albert, The Key of Solomon and the Goetia, the Romanus Buchlein, Secrets of Albertus Magnus, the Enchiridion of Pope Leo, and of course, the Bible.

Some of the smaller modern grimoire presses we mention are Hadean Press, Scarlet Imprint, Troy Books, Three Hands Press, and Xoanon Publishing.

You can find Cory’s article on magical books, including Joshua Gordon’s Commonplace Book, in Witches & Pagans magazine. He also mentions Rob Chapman’s Pow-wow Grimoire, and both discuss Grimoires by Owen Davies. We also both recommended the recend Llewellyn edition of Hohman’s Long-lost Friend, edited by Daniel Harms. Hob highly recommends Jim Baker’s Cunning Man’s Handbook.

Please stop by Hob’s current website, the Orphan’s Almanac, which is a wonderful fusion of the esoteric, the poetic, and the curious.

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3 thoughts on “Podcast 74 – Grimoires with Atticus Hob”

  1. I regularly listen to the podcast and I want to say that Laine is in my thoughts and I hope that she is alright. I very much enjoyed the show and the particular take on grimoires and their existence in America. I also appreciated the discussion of the tension between trying to keep up with the books in the witchy/occult world while trying to maintain a regular practice. It can be difficult to feel like you don’t know enough about a particular subject and that you really need to read more about it to get a handle on it, while at the same time wanting to try your hand at practicing it, or at least some aspect of it, and not really knowing where to start (and doing this with a [likely non-occult-related] f/t job can make it even more challenging).

  2. Hope Lane is feeling much better! I have been listening to ya’ll for a long time & it is fabulous!

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