Podcast 48 – Healing Magic


In this episode we’re discussing magic, medicine, & healing. We’ll look at holistic therapies as well as why Laine & Cory don’t grab a spellbook or a pill bottle when they get a headache.


Download: Episode 48 – Healing Magic


  • Cory mentions Hands of Light by Barbara Ann Brennan, and while he doesn’t mention it, there’s a sequel called Light Emerging as well.
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Title music:  “Homebound,” by Jag, from Cypress Grove Blues.  From Magnatune.

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4 thoughts on “Podcast 48 – Healing Magic”

  1. Wow thanks for playing my promo Cory and Laine! I’ll listen to the episode straight away! I actually made you a personalized promo, but am still working on it! 🙂 Much love!

  2. This one really fit in with my practice. Much of what I do deals with healing and health in general, although I do work with some witch bottles and other interesting things you guys have talked about. Oh, happy belated Solstice!

  3. Awesome episode! As for your healing energy, I sometimes post spells on youtube and I had posted a healing spell a year ago and was replied to by a subscriber and they used the spell to help their wife become healed of cancer. I do think that if there is enough intention and love in the spell, you can heal cancer, even if it’s just a little bit. Here’s the spell if you’re curious. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uN3k04onCNI

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