Tales from the Witching Hour No. 3

A short episode in which we do a pre- and post- discussion of our Walpurgisnacht 2012 celebration.

Listen: Tales from the Witching Hour No. 3


“Serenade,” by Schubert. From http://www.archive.org/

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2 Comments on “Tales from the Witching Hour No. 3”

  1. So glad to see number three! I can’t wait to listen to this one today. I loved the last Memphis “remote” pod, but I really look forward to these informal and informative Witching Hour ‘casts. Thank you both for sharing.

  2. Sarah Says:

    When Laine heard an animal in the woods and you promised to record more after you were finished, I legitimately worried we were going to get a Blair Witch scenario. So glad that wasn’t the case because you guys are one of the most charming, interesting, and innovative podcasts around.

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