Podcast 38 – Yuletide Cheer! 2011


This is our annual holiday special, featuring music, poetry, stories, and recipes! Here’s wishing you all the best for your holiday season and a happy new year to come!

Download: New World Witchery – Episode 38

Stories & Poetry:
A Baker’s Dozen,” by Charles M. Skinner
Minstrels,” by William Wordsworth
Mistletoe,” by Walter de la Mare
When the Snow is on the Ground,” by Mother Goose
Old Santeclaus,” by Clement Clark Moore
A Florida Christmas Folktale,” by S.E. Schlosser
Ceremonies for Christmas,” by Robert Herrick
Noel,” by Anne Porter

Wassail, from Laine
Jode Kayer (Jewish Cookies), from Cory’s family cookbook
Danish Vanilla Rings, from Cory’s family cookbook

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Promos & Music
All songs used with permission/license, from Magnatune and MusicAlley, except as noted.

1. Down in Yon Forest – Lydia McCauley
2. In the Bleak Midwinter – Fugli
3. O Holy Night – The New Autonomous Folksingers
4. O Come, O Come Emmanuel – Cat Jonkhe (sp?)
5. Round About our Coal Fire – Shira Kammen
6. Ma Navu – Kitka
7. Schedrick (Ukranian Bell Carol) – Kitka
8. We Three Kings – Jennifer Avalon
9. The Wassail Song (Yorkshire Wassail) – Jim Goodrich
10. Somerset Wassail – Pagan Carolers
11. Apple Tree Wassail – Shira Kammen
12. Bring Us in Good Ale – Lydia McCauley
13. Hark the Herald Angels Sing – Mano Reza
14. Jolly Old St. Nicholas – Selena Matthews
15. The Friendly Beasts – Gary
16. Patapan – Fugli
17. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen – Chances End
18. Fum Fum Fum – Fugli
19. Cutty Wren – Shira Kammen
20. Silent Night/Stille Nacht – Karmyn Tyler
21. Da Day Dawn – Samantha Gillogly*

Underscoring music is “We Three Kings,” by Two Harps, from MusicAlley.
*Used by permission of the artist.

3 thoughts on “Podcast 38 – Yuletide Cheer! 2011”

  1. What a nice show. My favorite of all the songs is “Down in Yon Forest” and I have heard it performed by just one other person. I heard it years ago performed by Canadian musician Bruce Cockburn. I believe he said he found the song in North Carolina, and believes elements of it to be of great age.

    In his version, there is one more stanza after “Beside that bed a shrub tree grows….”

    It says, “Under that hall is a gushing flood, sing May, Queen May, Sing Mary. From Christ’s own side, ‘Tis water and blood; Sing all good men for the newborn baby.”

    There are so many medieval European mystical elements in this song I don’t know where to begin, but it remains my favorite Christmas song. Thanks for the show!

  2. There was quite a few pod shows that did holiday themes. But you guys nailed it..perfect.
    Great variety, and the mood, from the literature to the music was spot on. It had that mystical, dark (in a good way!) midwinter vibe. I was listening while wrapping presents and it just could not have been better.

    Thanks many times over for bringing us such a credible podcast. I have learned so much this year and hope that my little interjections now and then have done a little bit back.

    Happy New Year to you guys and all the great listeners and posters.

    Peace and cheers!

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