Podcast 36 – Dealing with Spirits


In this episode we’re looking at rules for magical etiquette when dealing with spirits. We take on summoning, banishing, and what to do if you just happen to run into a spirit on accident.


Download: New World Witchery – Episode 36

We draw upon a number of folk tales, fairy tales, legends, and myths to illustrate our points about magical etiquette, including:

We reference a few of our past shows or blog posts, like:

We also mention our rue charms given to us by Scarlet of Lakefront Pagan Voice. Check out Scarlet’s Etsy Shop for more goodies!

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2 thoughts on “Podcast 36 – Dealing with Spirits”

  1. Just finished listening to Episode 36. It was fun, important and just a plain good-listen…as always.

    This topic is something that a lot of people new to any type of spirit work should focus on before continuing…great advice and a good jumping off point for more research.

    Your personalities really take the podcast above and beyond. It’s intimate and universal all at once. Well done!

    Also, please, please let Laine know that I, too, congratulate her on her growing family! (LOL) Let the rumors begin! *groan*

    -Joseph Magnuson

  2. one of your jack tales was covered by jim henson’s the story teller, it was entitled “the solder and death” one of my favorite stories, and it was beautifully told by henson…

    -Baron Chatdelamort

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