Podcast Special – Some Words with a Mummy


This is the first of our 2011 October specials leading up to Halloween. Tonight, I’m reading “Some Words with a Mummy,” by Edgar Allan Poe.


Download:  New World Witchery Special – Some Words with a Mummy

Some Words with a Mummy,” by Edgar Allen Poe.

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4 Comments on “Podcast Special – Some Words with a Mummy”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Oh, I’m so happy that you’re doing this again this year!!! You are a wonderful storyteller Cory. Did you ever explore a Bardic path?


    • Hi Sarah,

      No, I’ve not done anything like that. I did a year with ADF and decided to go more towards witchcraft in the end. I’ve loved storytelling for a long time, though, and used to do it for schools, local groups, etc. I’m glad that me incorporating it into this show doesn’t bother people; I would be very sad if I didn’t at least occasionally get to tell stories, I think.

      Thanks for writing!

  2. Excellent !! Thank you very much Cory . Great Reading we really enjoyed it!. Marc

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