Podcast 29 – An American Shaman


Today we talk with author and American folk magician/shaman Jack Montgomery.  Then we have some listener feedback and a few announcements.


Download:  New World Witchery – Episode 29

American Shamans, by Jack Montgomery
Strange Experience: The Autobiography of a Hexenmeister, by Lee Gandee
Fifty Years as a Low Country Witch Doctor, by Sheriff J. E. McTeer
High Sheriff of the Low Country, by Sheriff J. E. McTeer

If you would like to donate to the Japanese relief effort, here is the Peter Dybing page we mentioned in the show.
Please also consider donating to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund, which is currently helping victims of the Alabama Tornado.

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5 thoughts on “Podcast 29 – An American Shaman”

  1. Another wonderful episode. My brain decided to take the ‘have to believe in curses for them to work’ discussion and kept on going. It was long, so I blogged it instead of trying to get it all on here lol http://wp.me/pUA50-5l if you’re interested.

  2. Charles De Lint is AWESOME! Check out The Onion Girl, Widdershins, and Spirits in the Wires.

    I really enjoyed the Jack Montgomery interview. He’s so down to earth! I plan on reading his book, American Shamans.

  3. There has been quite a few podcasts doing interviews lately, but I have to admit, I was completely tuned in for this entire episode. Jack was amazing. No big ego and his stories and info were in laymens terms. Perfect. I will read his book without a doubt.
    You guys are the best, really, every episode is educational and thought provoking.
    Stay well!

  4. LOVED this episode! I particularly loved what Jack said about the three different levels of magicians, it’s something I’ve thought for a while, but he put it in such an understandable way. His words reminded me of the movie American Mystic – that we all take different paths to the divine, but we all end up at the same place anyway. Perfection!

    Charles de Lint is one of my favourite authors. He’s a pagan and a witch and he just “gets it”. His works of urban fantasy perfectly demonstrate how the magic of the Old World has blended with the magic of the New World to create its own essence and being.

    1. Thanks, Sarah! Jack is a very remarkable man, and I think you’d LOVE him if you met him.

      I keep hearing great things about De Lindt, and I now have some books of his to try out, so hopefully he’ll live up to all the praise 🙂

      Talk to you soon!

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