Podcast 25 – Divination and Destiny


In this episode, we look at different divination systems from the New World.  We have a conversation about Destiny, and Laine talks about spinning wheels as magical tools. Cory discusses bibliomancy at the end of the show.


Download:  New World Witchery – Episode 25

New World Witchery Guide to Cartomancy
It’s All in the Cards by Chita St. Lawrence
A great collection of links on the History of Tarot at Aeclectic.net
We mentioned the “Portable Fortitude” Mojo cards which Laine bought for Cory (also on Etsy)
Cory mentioned the I Ching
Laine mentioned the fortune-telling poem, “One for Sorrow
You can read about the history of the Ouija board and the Magic 8-ball at Wikipedia
We highly recommend Juniper’s divination system at Walking the Hedge
Laine got a bit of her lore from the “Start Spinning” video with Maggie Casey
Arrow has a great series of posts on magical keys and bibliomancy at her Wandering Arrow blog

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Title music:  “Homebound,” by Jag, from Cypress Grove Blues.  From Magnatune.
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10 thoughts on “Podcast 25 – Divination and Destiny”

  1. Great stuff in this episode. I especially loved Laine’s spinning wheel lore. (I have a spindle made from an old wooden yo-yo – works very well.)

    Cory, nobody ever tries to memorize the I Ching. Everybody else just reads it from the book each time. You continue to amaze!

    1. Lol, I tend to think of myself as a big nerd for trying to memorize stuff like that. I’m working on learning the Psalms at this point, and that is NOT easy!

  2. Great episode guys! Loved the divination section as well as Laine’s spinning information.
    Although different for your podcast, the fate and destiny was very interesting. It completely made sense to touch on this point since you were talking about divination.
    I have been ask more than once over the years about fate/destiny, etc. Myself, I do not really believe we are living by god’s will, or a chart (Sylvia Brown idea..like her stuff, but don’t “buy” the chart). I believe we may have an idea of a path set for us, but as I think Laine mentioned, it is up to us to decide to cruise with that path or jump off and do as we will.
    Here is the analogy I use now if someone as me. I say I follow the “Christmas Carol” idea. Scrooge had a path set, as he was shown by the ghosts. BUT, he had the choice to change that outcome by freewill. Makes sense, right?
    So if we read cards (I do this on occasion), etc, we may be seeing what will be if we just ride along. If we do not like the path direction, we can make a change.
    Enough rambling, hope you guys are keeping well!


    1. Thanks Chet!

      Yes, this episode was a departure for us. It was definitely more “think-y” than we usually get, but we had a good time discussing the ideas of destiny and fate.

      I’d be curious to know, in your Christmas Carol analogy, what the animating force of that path is…does it come from within the person or is it directed from outside (i.e. is it part of a trajectory based on previous action or is it the default setting for a person’s life unless he/she make’s changes?).

      Thanks for the thoughtful reply! Eager to hear more!

      All the best,

    1. Hi Ran,

      The whole idea of Wyrd to me is a little baffling. I’ve encountered it in some Trad Craft settings, but I can’t say I understand it well enough to present it to others yet. So thank you for linking to it! Hopefully our listeners will educate themselves about it this way 🙂

      All the best,

  3. I love that fiber arts made it into the podcast again. I’m a spinner and weaver too, and after the discussion around spindles, my hands are itching for my bog oak spindle and a really bit of Gulf Coast Native fleece. Thanks for featuring some of my favorite crafts, again! 🙂

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