Podcast Special – Mother Hicks

A tale of a famous witch from Maine, adapted from Richard Dorson’s “Buying the Wind”


Download: New World Witchery Special – Mother Hicks

Based on tales found in Buying the Wind, by Richard Dorson.

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10 thoughts on “Podcast Special – Mother Hicks”

  1. Hey Cory, I see that no one has posted comments about whether or not you should continue to do the short story specials, so I only hope they emailed you with an affirmative.

    As a lover of folklore and tales myself, i would love to hear these on a regular basis. I know that you have a life to live though, so you shouldn’t break your back to try to get one out too frequently.

    Anyway, thats just me 🙂


  2. hi Cory,
    both my son (4 years old) and i have thoroughly enjoyed these stories and he and i both ask that you please do more of them.
    i know we would be more then happy to hear one of them a month.
    im a big fan of the things you and lane do. thank you

  3. Hey Cory!
    Yes, please continue with the stories. I think your doing a wonderful job. Keep it up! There is much to learn from these old tales. Diana

  4. PLEASE continue making these wonderful folktales a part of your podcast (if your schedule will allow, I know you’re a busy person)! I was born and raised, and still live, in the foothills of North Carolina, so I was just tickled pink when I heard the two tales from NC. My husband and I just loved The Boo Hag, and I told him to keep the salt and pepper away from me 😉

    You are a fantastic story teller, so keep ’em comin’. There is alot of symbolism and bits to pick apart, but I like the way you’re doing the stories currently by just telling them and letting them work their own magic in our minds.

    Cory and Lane rock!

  5. I love, love, LOVE the stories! Please keep doing them all year long! I am especially a sucker for them if they have any kind of tie to a holiday too. If you could do any that are Christmas/Solstice related, I think I’d faint with my Ipod on! The Southern stuff is great, but I also like it when you spread the love to us up here in New England too. Bright Blessings!

  6. Add my vote! Please keep the stories coming. You’re a good storyteller and I like your choices (I especially liked The Boo Hag). Even if the witches do always seem to get the short end of the broomstick.

    Personally, I would love to hear more of your analysis of the witchiness in each story. (Exactly what colour is “haint blue”, for example?)


  7. Keep em coming! My 13 year old son begged me to put “The Boo Hag” on while we were cooking. And Yes to the commentary!

  8. TOTALLY LOVE the stories…. please keep them coming!

    And commentary would be awesome. Awesome show!

  9. Thanks everyone! It looks like the general consensus is to include at least an occasional story in our feed, so I think I’ll be trying to put one out on a regular basis going forward (not sure if “regular” will be monthly or not yet).

    I am absolutely flattered by the wonderful and nice things y’all say about these stories, so many thanks for that, and I hope future stories live up to expectations, as well!

    Thanks again for the responses!

    All the best,

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