Quick Reminder

Just a quick reminder to everyone that if you want a chance to meet me (Cory) in person, this weekend is your opportunity!  I, along with a number of other witchy podkin, will be at:

Pagan Podkin Meet and Greet
Saturday, Oct. 2nd, from 11am – 2pm
@ Witchy Wearables
4459 147th St Ste D
Midlothian, IL 60445

So if you get a chance to come out, we’d love to see you!

Talk to you again after the weekend!


3 thoughts on “Quick Reminder”

  1. Sounds like fun, wish I could be there, but I am in Southern Ohio. I don’t think that I have mentioned that I am an assit. organizer/minister with a Pagan meetup group and church, the Circle of Mother Earth (C.O.M.E.)in the Cinncinnati area. I did not mention it when first finding your site because we have had an instance or two where someone has joined us under false pretenses and was “recruiting” for another, disreputal group, and did not want to appear to be pushing my group on your site. I only mention it now because we also have a fun thing coming up. On Oct. 16 we will be hosting a Pagan Pride Day gathering at Serpent Mound here in S. Ohio. Serpent Mound is a huge, famous, prehistoric, Native American earth mound in the shape of a giant snake. If you want more info Serpent Mound can be easily Googled, and we (Circle of Mother Earth) can be found at meetup.com. Hope that you have a great meet and greet.

    1. Thanks Colt! I hope you have good attendance at your event! Sounds really neat (I’ve always wanted to go to Serpent Mound, and I’ve even been to Cincinnati a couple of times but just never quite got there).

      Good luck with the event!

      All the best!


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