Quick Update

Hi all,

First of all, I just want to say thank you everyone who’s been posting, emailing, and interacting here this week.  It gives me so much happiness to see that kind of discussion here at NWW.  Thank you all for that!

Secondly, I want to apologize for not posting more this week and for not answering many comments/emails.  As some of you may know, the Southeast was hit by a huge storm system last weekend which left a dozen or more people dead and has caused all sorts of problems in its wake.  One of these problems was a tremendous amount of flooding, much of which still hasn’t subsided.  While my family and I came through all of that safely with no damage to our home and are very thankful for that blessing, I wound up getting a little beat up by it on the back end.  I had to handle some flood-soaked materials for work, and stupid me didn’t think to put on a face mask (though I did at least wear gloves).

I’ve been battling some kind of bug since about Tuesday at this point (I call it a “swamp virus”) and I’m not sure how long it will take to run its course.  I’ve been pretty much on a liquid diet because my throat was so swollen shut nothing else would fit, and I finally think my fever broke for good yesterday.  I think I’ll be fine, and hopefully back in high gear by next week, but for now I wanted you all to know I’m not ignoring any of your emails or comments, I promise!  I’ll be replying to all of them as soon as I can, so please be patient as I try to drink lots of OJ and get better before responding.

Again, many thanks to all of you wonderful readers and listeners!  You make NWW awesome, and I really appreciate it!

All the best,


6 thoughts on “Quick Update”

  1. Get well soon!

    Try hot camomile or catnip tea with honey. It works wonders on a sore throat!

  2. The devastation from that flooding is heartbreaking… blessings to you, Cory… and a return of good health.

  3. Wow, what you folks are going through makes my ruptured hot water tank and flooded kitchen look pretty damned insignificant!

    Blessings on you and yours, Cory. I hope your throat feels better and things dry out.

    (PS…ugh, this Mercury retrograde has been brutal!)

    –Jay O’

  4. Thank you all sooooooo much for your well-wishing, healthy suggestions, and positive comments! I’m finally starting to feel normal again, and I’m working on responding to all comments and emails. The flooding here is getting under control, though I think the entire area will be feeling effects from this for a long time to come. I’m with you, Jay. It’s time for this retrograde to be DONE!

    Again, thank you all for your concern and kindness! You are the best!


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