Blog Post 65 – Thanks for Voting!

This is just a quick thank you to all of the folks who voted in our first polls.  We had a very substantial response to the questions I asked about improving the blog and podcast, and some heartening feedback on the question of a New World Witchery book, as well.

It looks like, on the whole, there are a lot of readers who want more practical and hands-on segments in both the blog and podcast.  For example, the question about what would improve the blog was answered “More Practice and Technique” more than any other choice, by a margin of 11 votes (out of a total of 121 votes).  Likewise, in the podcast question, 48% of respondents said they wanted more Podcast Specials or Practical Segments like Spelled Out or WitchCraft.

While I can’t guarantee that the blog will undergo drastic changes and feature a vast majority of practical elements, I will say that going forward I think I will attempt to include more hands-on and how-to information for you all.  It will be my goal to put up one practical segment per week at a minimum, eventually, and quite possibly more than that.  The podcast will likely continue to follow a similar format (other than the desire for more practical segments, most other answers were pretty evenly split across the board), but we may try to increase the length of the practical segments a bit.  And since the specials are so popular, we may try to make those a bit more frequent, too.

Finally, with the hugely positive feedback I got on the idea of a New World Witchery book (nearly two-thirds of respondents said “yes” to it, and the other third was “maybe” with only one “no” in the mix), I’m happy to say that I’ll be working on that project soon.  I’ve been asked to contribute to another author’s work on folk magic first, but I think that there may be room in the occult market for a New World Witchery book, too.

So thank you again to all who responded!  It was great to get that feedback, and I’m really looking forward to some of the directions this blog and podcast will be taking soon.  Please feel free, as always, to comment or email us with your suggestions, questions, ideas, rants, raves, and stories!  We do love hearing from you!

All the best, and thanks for reading!


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