Episode 116 – Spooky Stories Live! 2017


For our recent live broadcast/group chat, we brought on two of our supporters—AthenaBeth and Heather—to share their spookiest encounters. Then we all discussed other spooky stories sent in by listeners, and the eerie #DearDavid phenomenon.


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Download: Episode 116 – Spooky Stories Live! 2017




Most of our stories this time came from you, our listeners! Thank you so much to everyone who sent in stories to us this year, including Thistle at Parting the Mists, Elliot, Heather, and AthenaBeth

We mention both the “Auntie Bells” story from Reddit, sent in by listener Trey, and the really spooky and terrifying true(?) story of #DearDavid as well.

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