Episode 103 – Yuletide Cheer! 2016



In our annual holiday episode, we listen to carols, share some holiday memories (and a few tears), and talk about how we welcome in the winter.


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See “Promos & Music” for a complete track listing.

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 Promos & Music



  • While Shepherds Watched their Flocks (The Angel of the Lord) – Alabama Sacred Harp Collection (LOC/Lomax Collection)
  • Bethlehem, Bethlehem – Kitka (Magnatune)
  • Soul Cake – Pagan Carolers (Archive.org)

-Carols of the Animals-

-Calling in the Winter-

  • Welcome Winter – Pagan Carolers (Archive.org)
  • Nou Is Yole Comen – Shira Kammen (Magnatune)
  • This Endris Night – Randall Stroope & the Oxford Choir (Soundcloud)
  • Solstice Night – S.J. Tucker (by artist permission)

-Feasting, Wassailing, and Merrymaking-

  • All and Some – Pagan Carolers (Archive.org)
  • Apple Tree Wassail – Shira Kammen (Magnatune)
  • The Glory of the Kitchen/Twelfth Eve – Passamezzo (Magnatune)
  • Beat Up the Drum – Passamezzo (Magnatune)

-Traditional Closing-

Incidental music is “The Blud-Red Rose at Yule,” by Music for a Winter’s Eve (Magnatune)

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