Podcast 35 – Salem Wrap Up and Why Witchcraft?


We spend time talking (and gushing) about the recent Pagan Podkin Super-Moot in Salem, Mass. We also look at one of the questions that became a focal point of discussion while we were there: Why Witchcraft?


Download: New World Witchery – Episode 35

Really, these are more links than sources this time.
1)      Big thanks to Velma Nightshade of Witches’ Brewhaha for putting the event together!
2)      Thanks to the wonderful vendors who hosted us and contributed to our ‘swag bags’: Hex of Salem, Omen, Iron Powaqa, Mrs. Oddly, Lakefront Pagan Voice, Fire Lyte, Pendraig Publishing, Angelica of the Angels, and the Salem Witch Museum.
3)      Look at some of the pictures of Salem’s Old Burying Point Cemetery here. They’re quite beautiful!
4)      You can hear part of the workshop taught by Peter Paddon of the Crooked Path/Pendraig Publishing through his podcast: Episode 24. It was on “Invocation and the Art of Ritual Possession,” and it was marvelous!

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Title music:  “Homebound,” by Jag, from Cypress Grove Blues.  From Magnatune.
Promo 1 – Witches’ Brewhaha
Promo 2 – Lakefront Pagan Voice
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5 thoughts on “Podcast 35 – Salem Wrap Up and Why Witchcraft?”

  1. What a great episode! The best “community” themed Podcast in a long time. See people, THIS is what we can do when we pull together and share ideas and good times! Hooray!

    Seriously this Podcast made me very happy to hear!


    I will donate some stuff for the next swag bags. It’s the least I can do!

    -Joseph Magnuson

    1. Thanks Joseph!

      The class went really well, thanks! And I LOVE that you got such a positive feeling from this episode. It really was an amazing thing to sit down with so many different backgrounds and perspectives and be able to just get along and have good conversations. I was a little worried this episode would just feel like it was excluding everyone not there, so I’m glad you felt more included by listening to it. Hopefully you’ll be able to make it to one of these eventually! I’ll let you know about next year’s bags, for sure!

      Thanks so much! Really enjoying your comments and participation!

  2. Rather than making me feel excluded for not being in Salem, this episode almost made up for having been unable to come to the Supermoot. I SO wanted to, but the timing was totally impossible. I’m still desperately sad to have missed it, but you guy helped a lot.

    And hearing you talk about Sparrow and Mojo’s “adorable Canadian accents” was very funny. (Because of course Moj and Sparrow speak with no accent at all.)

    Toronto, Canada

    1. Thanks Wulf! I hope you’re able to make it to one of these in the not too distant future, too!

      Also, you forgot to include the obligatory “eh?” after “very funny.” 😛

      Seriously, glad you enjoyed the show and hope you get to one of these at some point!


  3. I support you adding segments discussing the workings you two do together!!

    Thanks for a great podcast!

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