2 thoughts on “Episode 30: Magical Professions”

  1. I loved this episode. I was fascinated with all the folklore attached each profession. Do you know of any folklore to do with an artist, I’m an artist so would find that very interesting. It’s something I will have to look up.

    The episode reminded me of a story I have read called Daughter of the forest by Juliet Marillier. The main character Sorcha had to undo a spell cast on her brothers who had been turned into swans. For this she needed to weave the fibres of the plant starwort. Throughout the story the plant clung and tore at her hands when she collected it and her hands are often bleeding but she has to go on weaving. Love this sort of story

    1. Hi Amanda!

      You know, I know there has to be folklore about artists as magicians–intentional or not–floating around out there. I can definitely think of literary examples (Picture of Dorian Gray, for example), and the idea of a piece of pottery which contains a spirit shows up in a few bits of lore. We’ll definitely have to do a second episode on this topic at some point, looking at other examples of magical jobs. If you have other suggestions, please share them!

      Until later, all the best,

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