Podcast 15 – Grimoires, Spellbooks, and Books of Shadows


Laine and Cory discuss favorite spellbooks and how they design their own magical texts.  In Witchcraft, Laine looks at the craft of bookbinding, while in Spelled Out, Cory talks about magically binding books.


Download:  New World Witchery – Episode 15


Books Mentioned:
Earth Power and Earth, Air, Fire, Water by Scott Cunningham
The Green Witchcraft series by Ann Moura
PowWows by John George Hohman
The Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells by Judika Illes
The Black Pullet
Black & White Magic by Marie Laveau (actually by NDP Bivens)
Hand Bookbinding by Aldren A. Watson (not mentioned by name, but a good resource)

Other Resources/References:
Some Instructables Videos/Guides on bookbinding:  One, Two, and Three
Some edible ink pens and rice paper (mentioned in WitchCraft)
The Strowlers Event

Promos & Music
Title music:  “Homebound,” by Jag, from Cypress Grove Blues.  From Magnatune.
Promo 1 – Forest Grove Botanica
Promo 2 – Borealis Meditation
Promo 3 – Pennies in the Well

2 thoughts on “Podcast 15 – Grimoires, Spellbooks, and Books of Shadows”

  1. I have a BOS, which is bascially a binder with sleaves that holds my information. It’s not super involved as I do not use it as a journal or anything. It’s really just a ref book for ritual clebrations, mine mains being the solar points of equinoxes and solstices. And has some other info here and there, like Native American celebration practices (I am part Cherokee), a few embossed pieces of art I use during celebrations, such as Apollo, Artemis, the Holly and Oak Kings and things like that.
    I agree about the “static” celebrations. I usd to think I had to follow along word for word and in order. Once I figured out it was more from the heart, than what was in front of me, I use the sheets as a guidline, but just do what feels natural. It’s a little simpler now, but more fulfilling in the end because I am not concerd if I missed something or not.
    Oh, the next thing I insert into my book will be the information for the Academic mojo bag. I have all my supplies and am making one this weekend!

    1. Hi Chet!

      I’m so glad the academic mojo is going into your BOS! That’s wonderful!

      I’d be interested to hear more on your Native American practices, if you’d care to share. I’ve not done a lot of research in that area, but I’d love to know what some of the on-the-ground practice would look like.

      Thanks for a great response!


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