2 thoughts on “Special Episode – Witch Bottles”

  1. Hi Cory and Laine. I just listened to this episode today (I’m a bit behind) and I really enjoyed it. I was wondering about the witch bottles though. When you do them to protect your house, do you incorporate something symbolizing everyone in the house, i.e. a hair from everyone, or do you just do yourself and make the witch bottle for the entire household none the less?

    Also, if you are to do it for everyone in the house do they all get individual bottles or do you make one family bottle? What if there is an addition to the family (a parent moves in, you have a baby etc.).

    Thank you for a great show!

    1. Hi Gwennie!

      Thanks for the question and sorry for the delay in response. I would say if you make a witch bottle for everyone in the house, it might be effective, but it might also stir up trouble (as a hex directed at one person would inadvertently be tangled in the bottle with everyone…yes it gets destroyed, but it may magically start conflicts between the different family members). So I’d say the best bet is to do individual bottles for everyone in the house and bury them in separate locations on the property.

      I hope that helps! Thanks again for the question!


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