Podcast 12 – Spell Failures


This episode is a follow-up to our recent special on spell successes.  We look at spells that have not ended successfully, and discuss how we reacted to these failures.  In WitchCraft, Laine looks at the magic of calligraphy, and in Spelled Out, Cory examines the Green Devil Pay Me Now Spell.


Download:  New World Witchery – Episode 12

Our own experiences, of course!

We also mentioned the book Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells by Judika Illes again.
Laine mentioned the book Learn Calligraphy, by Margaret Shepherd in the WitchCraft segment.
Cory referenced the Lucky Mojo site as a source for things like the green devil figural candles and Pay Me incense in the Spelled Out segment.
Other sites to find Pay Me-type products (many don’t have “Pay Me Now” oil, but various kinds of commanding and money-drawing incenses and oils, which can be used in a similar way):  Queen of Pentacles Conjure, Music City Mojo, Forest Grove Botanica, Toads Bone Apotheca, and The Conjure Doctor.

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Title music:  “Homebound,” by Jag, from Cypress Grove Blues.  From Magnatune.
Promo 1 – Inciting a Riot
Promo 2-  Pennies in the Well

11 thoughts on “Podcast 12 – Spell Failures”

  1. Nearly picked up the 5000 spells book, you’ve made it sound so appealing, but I was stopped by a need to be money conscious supported by the fact that I managed to pick up and in 30 seconds of glancing find that the book had a misprint in pages. Go figure! Glad to hear your voices, looking forward to when you’re back in the saddle, so to speak. 😀

    1. You’re welcome on the promo! I just saw you had a new episode up, so hopefully will get to that one today or tomorrow during my commute (isn’t it funny that the words “commute” and “commune” differ by a single letter and a vast ocean of conceptual significance? but I digress…sorry, having a mad hatter moment 😉

      That’s stinky about the 5000 Spells book! Hopefully one day you can find a copy of it without massive editing errors. I love mine, and even bought her book on Spirits, too. There are lots of neat bits of folk magic in both of those.

      Good to be back and good to talk to you again, you wonderful podkin witch! Here’s to hearing you soon!


  2. Okay I just downloaded the show and I’m about to listen to it, but I had to comment on the new page design. I friggin’ love it!

    Welcome back guys and late happy Lammas!

  3. Yay! So glad you guys are back (though I did enjoy the mid-hiatus special, as well.) This was a fun episode to listen to, and I really appreciate how willing you both are to talk about the things that have gone wrong, and how you can learn from them.

    One thing that I wanted to comment on, was the observation that while science has to be repeatable, magic isn’t, and so sometimes you can’t approach magic as a science. What occurred to me while listening was that the problem isn’t so much that magic isn’t repeatable, as that the *conditions* aren’t repeatable.

    Part of what makes a scientific experiment repeatable is the ability to control all of the variables in a laboratory setting. Magic that works in the big, messy, holistic sphere of life just has too many variables. The changes in the magician alone from one day to the next make it hard to repeat, much less things like the weather, astrological influences, seasonal differences, changes in other people involved, etc.

    Not only are we talking about effects that are often very subtle and subjective, but holistic systems just aren’t as easily controlled as lab conditions – it’s like the difference between measuring an effect in a wind tunnel versus measuring it in a hurricane, with the wind constantly shifting, and the rain, and hail, and whatever else is going on.

    Anyway, that’s where my mind went when you said that, and I thought I’d share. 🙂 Hope that made some kind of sense – just don’t ask me to repeat it. *grin*


  4. Great episode this week. I especially liked the fact that pretty much all of the “spell failures” you talked about did in fact work, just not necessarily in the way you anticipated. The magic ALWAYS works, but we often have no way of seeing the results.

    Love the new site design!

    1. Thanks Wulf!

      Yes, that was sort of an interesting revelation for us when we did the show. Everything “worked,” but often not the way we intended or expected it to. Have you had similar experiences?

      And thanks for the kudos on the new look!

      All the best,


  5. Visualisation and skeptisism… oh and dreams…
    Often scepticism can get in the way of visualisation, in that not being able to let go kind of way. While scepticism can be important so that you are being discerning about what it is that you are reading and doing. When your inner sceptic becomes to strong you are unable to let go and journey, or follow the visualisation, it becomes a problem. So what i did was to journey and talk with my inner sceptic, or if you prefer you can write a letter, and we came to an understanding about what the place of my inner sceptic was, thus we came to an agreement.
    Now as a side note visualisation is not always visual.. it can be in the form of any of the senses of a combination of them. The way that i teach this is to get my students to ground and centre, and draw up energy from the earth and pool it in their hands, with their eyes closed. As they hold this energy in their hands start to pay attention to how you are feeling it, are you feeling it.. can you see in your minds eye in your hands, are you hands warming up, is there a different scent in the air, when you open your mouth and breath in can you taste anything. Is there any sound? Voices? Messages? This takes practice.. well it took me practice, i had to do it quite a few times before the proverbial penny dropped, and i figured out how i ‘visualised’ … *beams*
    Now dreams.. you know that “can’t manifest in negatives” and that “don’t become attached to the outcome of your spell” and that constant worry of “why didn’t it work?, why can’t i dream” is in many ways creating an energy of not being able to dream (or not remembering what you do dream) . so my suggestion is with your mirror under your pillow, before you place your mirror under said pillow charge it, with oils or herbs, with lavender, frankincense and other herbs that 1 smell nice, and 2 have an focus of dreaming and the type of dreaming that you want to achieve. As you anoint said mirror fill it will the intent of dreaming or messages. . But like most things it doesn’t always work overnight but it will happen.. just takes some practice and tweaking and figuring out how it will work for you. The mirror.. that sounds like a good place to start..
    So often dreams are just about processing the days detris so it is not clogging up your waking mind, thus there is no need to remember them and probably it is better not to .. however dreaming and prophetic dreaming can be an important tool for learning and understanding about magic, contacting your deities, your higher self or the universe, however you see it

    Err.. yeah. Little bit random..teheh. so great episode.. some excellent food for thought and several trips down memory lane.. *beams*

    1. Whew! A great comment, Polly!

      The idea of having a conversation with my inner skeptic, as you put it, is very interesting (I know that was probably more for Laine than for me, as I’m definitely more of an “I want to believe” personality). One thing you mentioned that I really like is the letter-writing technique. I do that with Ancestor work periodically anyway, but it had never occurred to me to do it with my “self” or spirit side. But I’ll definitely be trying that!

      I’m currently trying the mirror method and it’s working okay (I’m using some Land, Sea, and Sky oil from Sarah’s Forest Grove Botanica to anoint it, too). I’ve had two dreams this week, though neither has had much significance that I can tell (one was basically me mentally watching the A-Team movie, which I’ve never seen, so that’s odd). But at least they’re sticking with me!

      Thanks again for the comment!


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