Podcast 11 – Magical Tools


Today we announce the upcoming break due to Cory’s grad school (don’t worry, we’ll be back sooner than you think!).  Then we talk about magical tools in American witchcraft, and we have our WitchCraft and Spelled Out segments.


Download:  New World Witchery – Episode 11

Mules & Men, by Zora Neale Hurston – mentioned in the show
Lucky Mojo site – particularly rabbits’ feet, gator parts, and raccoon bones
Hoodoo Root & Herb Magic, by Catherine Yronwode – lots of info on magical curios
Mojo:  Conjure Stories, by Nalo Hopkinson – the book I’m reading now which I mentioned when discussing gator heads

Promos & Music
Title music:  “Homebound,” by Jag, from Cypress Grove Blues.  From Magnatune.
Promo 1 – Iron Powaqa
Promo 2-  Witches’ Brewhaha

11 thoughts on “Podcast 11 – Magical Tools”

  1. Another amazing podcast! You guys rock!
    And from one grad student to another one, seriously best of luck in finishing!!!!!

    1. Awwww, thanks Anna! You’re abundantly sweet 🙂 Hopefully it will go quickly and I’ll stay busy. Just keep happy thoughts like this flowing my way!


  2. Great, practical episode. Thought on burying the St. Joseph statue upside down for selling a house. My mother (whom is not really witchy, but really open to metaphysical things) did this, last year, after having her house on the market for two years. After she buried the statue, her house sold in less than a month! As for leaving him in the gound, that is a no-no! It is disrespectful to the saint or spirit. I can imagine implications could follow. My Ma dug him up, cleaned him off, sat him up in the house during the packing and then returned him to the person she borrowed him from. That just seems like the right thing to do :>)
    Energy to you during your finals, keep us posted and look forward to your return.

    1. I thought that was the case as well. It seems like leaving a saint buried upside down would just be inviting trouble (the same is true of any spirit with whom one fails to follow through on a promise).

      Thanks for the good mojo on the school! Hopefully this will all seem very quick and you’ll hardly notice I’m gone! 🙂

      Best wishes,


    1. I hadn’t but I LOVE that idea! I may post something this week asking folks to do little posts if they’re interested. I know you’ve got plenty on your plate, Juni, but I’d love to have a post from you if you’d be game for it! Just let me know if you think you might be interested.

      And soooooo many thanks for being such a friend to us here! You and Bren have just been lovely to us, and I’m really thankful for that. Also, great post on divination recently! Seriously folks, check it out if you haven’t yet!



    1. Awww, thanks Isaac! We’ll be back before you know it. I’m already plotting out the next couple of shows, and trying to figure out a few specials to toss in there too! So hopefully you won’t notice we’re gone really. 🙂

      All the best,


    1. I would LOVE that Juniper! I just did a post yesterday about guest-blogging, and a contest we’re doing in connection to it, so please feel free to contribute as much as you like!



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