Blog Post 23 – Congratulations!, and Something New

A big congratulations to Anica, who won our Weather Lore contest!  We’ll be getting a copy of Cat Yronwode’s book off to you soon.

Many thanks to all those who entered–we received some fantastic bits of weather lore we’ll be incorporating into an episode sometime in the near future.  We have wonderful readers and listeners, and we greatly appreciate you all!  Keep watching the blog and listening to the show for future contests.

Also, some of you may have noticed we now have a “Donate” button on our site.  While this blog and podcast are now and will remain free, we thought that if any of our fans wanted to chip a couple of bucks our way, we certainly didn’t want to stop them.   Any funds donated will be used to enhance the site or procure research materials for future New World Witchery posts and podcasts.  Please don’t feel obligated to donate, of course, but we will welcome any support offered.

Also, if you’re a magical merchant or author and you’re interested in sending us a sample of your craft/work for use as a contest prize, please contact us at

Again, many thanks to all of our wonderful readers and listeners!  You really have made us feel immensely loved so far!  We’ve got some really tremendous surprises coming in the near future, so stay tuned!

All the best,


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  1. thanks again! – i had just received the book on my last day of midterms – like a special treat!!! its been a tough week (im now on spring break)

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