Blog Post 61 – What do you think?

Good morning and good Monday everyone!

We’ve got another podcast almost ready which should be up in the next day or two.  I thought I’d start off the week, though, with a set of polls for all our readers here at New World Witchery.  They’re nothing fancy, just a couple of questions about what you like best or would like to see more of with regards to the blog and podcast, and a question about whether a book on New World Witchery is something that would interest folks.

These polls are really guides for us to help make the site and show better for our listeners and readers.  The results may or may not change the content of the blog or podcast, but at the very least they will help us figure out a little bit more about what people want from us here.

Anyway, without further ado, here are the polls:

The polls will probably close in about a week, so you’ve got some time to answer.  I’ll also keep them up on the sidebar throughout the week so you don’t have to use only this post to answer.  We really appreciate your opinions, and your readership!  Thanks so much!

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3 thoughts on “Blog Post 61 – What do you think?”

  1. Cory,

    I recently found this blog, which I find fascinating. I live in an isolated area, pagan-wise, and I’ve been practicing what I call “liberty witchery” for the last 12 years or so, but I didn’t know there was any interest whatsoever in anything but the traditions from elsewhere in the world. My interest is in very local traditions (I live in Oklahoma with many Native American friends and neighbors, and my “pantheon,” such a European word, includes native spirts as well as those who have come to America from other cultures. Not all of them translate.) Please keep up the good work! We talk above micro-climates – well, that extends to spiritually, also.

    1. Howdy back atcha!

      I’m glad you’re enjoying our blog. The point you make about “translating” spirits from other cultures is a good one. Sometimes it seems like the gods of other countries become quite different when they get here (I’m thinking the Celtic Bridget and Maman Brigette in Voodoo, for example). I’d be interested to know more about the Native spirits you mention, too! I’m not very well-versed in First Nations spirituality, so I’m always eager to learn more.

      Thanks for writing! All the best!


  2. I am so enjoying your site. So much information. Will be reading and reading over the next few days.

    Thank you!

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